I`m Rob Ryan and welcome to my blog!

I`m a small business owner and I help people set up their own business from home.  So many people are looking to income opportunities away from the “working for someone else job”.
And people want more time to do what they want to do, and to take care of themselves and their families on their own terms. That`s certainly my story too.
This blog is just about the ‘Internet Marketing and Personal Development Industry’. 
Ideas and tips are to help people on their way. My posts are…
– about products that I promote
– about information a client asks about and wants to know about
– about articles we`ve found useful, perhaps you will to?
I will not promote just anything to you!  I`ve been a sufferer of the shiny object syndrome! What a waste of my money and time!  So, what you see here is high quality, no nonsense, practical information.
Results are the one thing WE all want out of our business venture…  but it`s also or mostly about the quality of the journey to get to the end point!  Simply, it`s about making financial gains beyond where we`re at right now! 
And whether you know this or not… what we all need are multiple streams of income and residual income! — Anything less than this is still just a job!
I will not sell you on any of the virtues about any of my products. I don`t know what you might be looking for, if anything. And I don`t know if you have questions or concerns about what you currently do and might want going forward.
Success in home business has two faces and I reckon you must answer these two questions very carefully!
1. What`s the best business model for me right now?     (shiny objects on offer – guaranteed to blind!)
    >> I promote only one high quality and very unique business program… The Online Alliance. 
I invite you to look around TOA… and see if it`s a good fit for you? 

2. What skills must you learn about marketing?      (can`t market – guaranteed to fail!)
   >> Cutting edge technology must involve Social Media and Mobile phones are crucial in 2017.
Standing out from the crowd by knowing about new, clever, simple and smart technologies to add to to the traditional will be a huge asset!
I invite you to look at two brand new marketing tools…. again, you decide if either could be a good fit for you! 
a) … primarily for internet marketers, BUT, check out the potential for any other business!
b) … the newest marketing platform is SMS Cards … mobile technology!
My background is in Education.
I`ve trained as a Life Coach, now teach part time, but have a keen focus on working with adults in the online business world.  I`ve had  success and failures (too many to be really honest).
My Mantra…
Success is about having specific daily intentions, daily actions, quality of personal care of self and having quality interactions with others.
Success is about consistency of achieving outcomes. I`ve grown to understand the importance of emotional intelligence and personal relationships skills.
“Just observe yourself and others in day to day life! Is that not the key to great living?”
Essentially success is based on knowing yourself, knowing where you`re at in life and knowing where you`re going and having strong intentions about how and when you will get there. AND  …. knowing that all around you, everyday, ‘LIFE HAPPENS’. Life is not necessarily a smooth ride!
I`m single and live in Norwood, South Australia.
Connect with me –
Ph | +1 61 403 365 370 (call after 4.30 pm EST from the USA)
E: rob@yesyoucancoaching.com.au
Skype: rob.ryan2011
QU: Where is the richest place in the world?
Answer: It`s in the graveyard of the unfulfilled dreams of the world!  (including mine … and yours?)