“Alliance Community Concept” Is Attracting 100`s … How about You?

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Do you want something different in business training from what you`ve experienced in the past?   Experience Alliance Community Concept! It`s Attracting 100s and its inspiring business Success?  You too are encouraged to see what is unique and different, indeed refreshingly smart, interested in ‘you’ and not…




# The Alliance Community has been created:

  • to give members all the resources and tools you will ever need,
  • gives you training that is current, meaningful and evergreen,
  • so that everyone can access content, websites, software, and groups.
  • and designed to support a huge range of Independent business owners.
  • to inspire and challenge the existing status quo in entrepreneurial training!


Our ‘alliance community concept will help you to establish a successful business in our supportive community.

  • With the Alliance coaches and members, you get amazing support to grow your wealth.
  • The purpose of business is the making of money? YES!
  • The money then enables you to have so many other things. 


Business models

#Consider this:

Our offer of a blueprint to business success’ versus the ‘reality of going it alone and the shiny objects pathway’!


#I invite you to check out the following:   

I invite you to read the following as I describe to you some of the critical problems that many entrepreneurs face and I offer you some of our potential solutions.

#The Reality of Failure:
So many business people fail. But the reality is that people don`t know you need knowledge of all the following elements…   ‘Mindset, Money and Mechanics’ … all need to be understood before you`ll make the sort of money you want to…
#The Questions that must be asked:
What‘s scary is that most entrepreneurs don’t have an answer to the question of
  • “how to do it (start and run a business) properly and comprehensively”! 
  • And “to know where to go to get All of the answers to be a successful biz owner”.  
The problem is most people will fail at making money and just wonder WHY?”.
  • how and what you think,
  • how you structure your biz and the perennial…..
  • how and what methods to use to drive traffic and leads and clients to your biz.
  • ie building wealth.


>>  Link:   Not Just Another Offer !…. It`s The Blueprint For Action


#Know this… let`s break the proposition down to the essentials:
Your business will not succeed unless you have a deliberate focus and understand each of these and have a daily intention to implement these… 
  • (a) mindset,
  • (b) mechanics and
  • (c) money acquisition


#MINDSET: attitude, ethos, mentality, psyche, mind, therapy, mental make-up, mental processes, way of thinking, where head is at, science of the mind and what makes someone tick.

#MECHANICS:  logistics, mechanism, nitty-gritty, procedures, workings, nuts and bolts.

#MONEY:  cash, capital, fund, payment, property, salary, wage, wealth, bankroll, finances, funds, silver, riches.

#The Answers are here: 
I belong to a group where the word “alliance” is used to describe our mission. We are a group of online entrepreneurs who work together and actively support each other to grow our own independent businesses. I doubt you will have ever come across such an environment? I best describe our intent as ‘alliance business community concept’.


# What Value is our offer to You?:  

How will you be assisted in your quest for business success with our unique community and unique Alliance Community?

  1. Live Coaching calls 3 times a week.
  2. One on one strategy sessions with experienced coaches.
  3. Directions for start-up business people.
  4. Directions for establishing ‘foundational success’.
  5. Directions for establishing additional and multiple income sources.
  6. High-quality training to gain Lead Generating Social Media etc expertise.
  7. Option to join our Elite VIP mastery group.
  8. Further opportunity for specialized training.
  9. There`s so much more value….


>>> # Link …  Not Just Another Offer! …. It`s The Blueprint For Action


#PS: Every Entrepreneur dreams of ‘autopilot, hands-free’ income that’s generated in their business with little to no ongoing effort on their part.  Systems and automation will ensure speed of work. But is all this possible?  With us, you have every opportunity.  Of course, there is no guarantee, rather it`s about effort, consistency, time, effort and having a strong sense of …


#Q and A.

  1. Do you currently belong to a supportive team where you are receiving the best of the best training across all social media platforms?  We provide ‘deep dive coached training’.
  2. Do you have team members that you can collaborate with and ask for help when you feel stuck? 
  3. Do you belong to a great company! TOA is a community of Independent business owners and Entrepreneurs who are pursuing personal sovereignty (I LOVE that word) and wholistic prosperity!
  4. We all have a common goal set of goals to achieve the best in our individual businesses.





# Who is Rob Ryan:

I`m Rob Ryan and I own ‘the Talk to Biz’. I`m a Coach, an innovator, an educator, an online small business owner.  I`m a reformed sufferer of the ‘shiny object syndrome. I`m an independent business person and a Founding member of the Online Alliance’.  I`m a member of a soon to be launched a cutting edge-lead generation tool’!


“I struggled for years, spent lots of time and money, far too much.  I put lots of faith in products and people. Too often I was left alone! Too often, I was lost and didn`t know what to do or who to turn to! You don`t need to be like me and waste time and money!”


# The Alliance Community Innovation:

The Online Alliance Community believe in Innovation….  in “Info-Product LIVE Coached Training”… Our “Online Alliance offers LIVE, Coached Training, DEEP Dive Study Groups”. You will become proficient. — Facebook Mastery, Instagram Mastery, and LinkedIn Mastery. And more to come!


# An Alliance Community Mastery Tip:

You need to MASTER one-skill and you can’t learn it alone!  What’s the skill? Lead generation and client acquisition. Learn skills and then build up scalable traffic!

You MUST Master this one skill-set and then have a System for following up, and Converting Leads into Sales. This applies, irrespective of the company, product or services your promoting.


# Beware – Avoid the Shiny Object Syndrome:

Don’t waste your hard earned money buying another info-product or make money offer – until you’ve MASTERED lead generation, otherwise you won’t get any customers in front of your Offer.


# The Alliance Community — LIVE Coached Training:

This is specifically for New Entrants & Struggling Intermediate Marketers and Those who want to be at today`s edge of social media platforms.

If you`re NOT generating at least 30-100 leads per day (organic & paid), our training can be a game changer for your business.  Whatever you are Promoting Mastery will help you increase your results.


>>>>>  #We have a Special Study Offer for Advanced Business People …  see below.




# Transformation is a choice for you:

  1. Be who you are now or branch out boldly to your potential.
  2. Direct yourself purposefully and intentionally forward and upward. Why not?
  3. A mentor, some years ago asked me this! “Who are you?” and “Who are you?” and “Who are you?” and “Who are you?” and “Who are you?” and “Who are you?” …. so many times that I was forced to dig soooooo deep!  (try it yourself). And the whole time we sat knee to knee and eyeball to eyeball!
  4. Know who you are and find the real you!
  5. Create your future.

>>>>>>    Just for the action Takers, here`s two links  ….

Link # 1  –  Not Just Another Offer! …. It`s The Blueprint For Action


Link # 2  – Special Study Offer for Advanced Business People …    

Click here  >>>   FaceBook Mastery Class! and a huge bonus!

(Offer Extended …..  ) 


Click Here to Get More Info From Us




Rob Ryan

Message me:  @robstoptier

Email: rob@yesyoucancoaching.com.a


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