“Can you live without your mobile phone”?…  “Likely not”, most would say…   “Yes, it’s pretty much a necessity these days”?  


“Are you adventurous enough to consider a revolutionary and unique marketing model of engagement and influence”? 


“My phone is just as essential to me as my car, as my wallet or my purse, like my credit cards”!  “I feel lost, almost naked when I leave it at home.”  “How can I connect with my family?”  “No one can reach me!” “I need to message my daughter”. ” I need to order Uber”.  “What`s happening on Facebook!”


“It`s 2020…and just everyone has a phone! Every phone is loaded with our Apps of choice?  And there are so many Apps to choose from!   Our digital world is defined by the “Apps” we load onto our phone?   Aren`t we just so lucky”?    And our life is so much richer for it”?



“Did you know you can have a Special Personal App on your phone“?

“Did you know you can have a Special Business App on your phone too”?

“Did you know it`s Free too”?


And did you know that Apps like yours… can feature on the phones of all your friends, all your customers, and all your clients too”?   Just like the Facebook App, like the Twitter App, etc, etc… local business, national business, international business!


“Let`s create a dynamic App-based Marketing presence, for you as a person”,  and…

“Let`s create a vibrant, viral, referral  App-based Marketing presence for Your business too? 


Welcome to the  “Associate App Platform” 👍

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The “Associate” App/Card is very unique, very dynamic, very viral, very social 👍 

You`ll be delighted how simple, easy and effective “Associate” is to use!



👍 With Associate App/Card on your phone…

  1. You are in full control of what you want to share ✔️
  2. You are in full control of what you want your customers to know about you and your business.✔️
  3. People will have your contact details, on their phone when they want to get back in touch ✔️
  4. People will now have easy access to your websites! ✔️
  5. People will now have simple access to your social media pages! ✔️
  6. People will now have access to your latest videos. ✔️
  7. People will now have access to your programs and events throughout 2020 and beyond.✔️
  8. People will now have access to all those positive testimonials!! ✔️

👍 What`s so dynamic, so useful and practical about the “Associate App/Card?

  1. You can enable full integration with all leading digital social platforms
  2. You give clients access to your diary to make appointments.
  3. You add access to payment portals.
  4. Your links to shopping carts are customer friendly
  5. You send emails on the run outside your office.
  6. You showcase links to your products and services..
  7. Update information easily as you need.
  8. Promote events on the run, to all your interested followers.
  9. Promote special offers and discount vouchers.
  10. Promote sales of one-off specials.
  11. Spread information immediately, from a coffee shop, gym, meeting (for example) about breaking news! You have major flexibility!
  12. and so much more!
  13. YOU design it! (or we will, for you)

👍 “Of course…  ‘Associate’ boosts Referrals and encourages Viral Marketing✔️

“We all know that word of mouth is “King”. What others say can grow your bottom line. So encourage others to share your App card.  Reward them!  See increased results.”

FREE WORD OF MOUTH REFERRALS equals Free viral marketing equals….. ✔️

👍 What might you miss out on if you don`t “Associate”!

  1. You will not be the local go-to leader or business!
  2. You will just have to compete on the internet with others when they do Google searches.
  3. So, you`ve inadvertently made it harder for people to find you, your products and services!!

👍  Become the “Go To business” with your customers! ✔️

  1. Take full control of your business branding and footprint when you join “Associate”.
  2. Confidently grow your presence and brand!
  3. Stop feeding your competitors with what could have been your leads!  (ie your customers’ searches will now not be on Google. They will simply connect with you on their phone. Google is great, but to rely on Google searches — you must always outrank your competitors!)


“Never be caught without business cards again. Don’t make your prospects search amongst your competitors to try and find you, and risk finding your competitors”.


“The Associate App/Card is the ‘ULTIMATE ‘SWISS ARMY POCKET KNIFE’ tool, for EVERYONE who seeks to grow their personal profile, who seeks to market their business  locally, nationally, and internationally”. 


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PS:  The Associate App is so easily shared…

  1. by you to your customers and clients’ phones!
  2. by your customers and clients to their friends’ phones!
  3. by their friends to other friends!  
  4. by their friends to other friends!
  5. by their friends to other friends!
  6. etc etc etc etc etc


Other features:

Retailers have been looking to bring customers back to their bricks & mortar outlets.  So “Associate” has technologies designed to drive customers to live retail!  Very exciting! Very unique!



The Associate platform was developed in South Australia by Michael Potter, the CEO.

He had this to say about the rapid growth of his digital word of mouth app for local and global businesses.

“We attribute our encouraging growth surge to our simple to use mandate. The two-click digital business card is easily shared and passed on, both singularly and as part of a user’s network”.

“We are seeing proof of our concept, that places Associate as a unique player, an effective digital answer to word of mouth that is valuable to both consumers and businesses.”


  ‘The Associate Card’ is built for sharing!


Hey, hold on a minute I have my card on my phone.

Let me share it to you”


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