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A Self Check for business owners 

What is the most painful problem facing your business today?

  • Are potential buyers choosing your business or choosing the competition instead?
  • When people have a need or a problem and have money to spend, do they call up your business?
  • Is it easy for people to find you and your business?
  • And is your business the go-to place in your local regional market?  Or do customers go elsewhere to spend? Why is that?

Just where are all those people who ready to spend money and right now are looking?  Where are they hanging out? How (must you or should you) you must make connections with them……. if you really want their money!


What can you do to be highly visible and be the Go-To Brand of more and more customers

One reason I suggest if you’re just not connecting enough with buyers.  People perhaps don’t know enough about You and all you offer? Do people know where to find your business?  Is your competition beating you to potential customers? Are you being referred on by your best and existing clients?

But first… consider this very reasonable and useful context

  • “Competition is for losers”, says Sam Ovens, mega-rich New Zealand entrepreneur, now based in NY. (consulting.com ); you can choose to spend an ever-increasing amount of money on advertising and marketing to fix your problem, so… what are you to do?
  • Just who are you competing against? Can you, in fact, compete at all?  Do you really want to play the competition game? Or is there a better way where there is little competition.
  • What choices do you have?  What will work best for you and your particular business?

Consider this as you re-assess your marketing plan and dollar spend?

In almost every industry, the business with the best known and best-received Reputation is the most successful... yet so few businesses make this the focus of their Marketing!

… hands down the best and most cost-effective way to enhance your Reputation with the masses (and within your industry) … is getting you known by more people than ever before.

All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust—  Bob Burg, Author of Adversaries Into Allies

you need to be getting massive attention!  

More Attention gains you More Exposure gains you More Leads gains you More Success!

Action strategies which work! 

  1. Most people on the planet go to Google to find answers to their questions.  
  2. Google is by far the biggest search engine on the planet and it`s way bigger than FB or YT or others.   
  3. You need to be found in Google when people look to solve a problem!


The benefits are related to gaining maximum exposure for your brand/business. Obtaining a greater presence in the mind of customers and clients will see more readers to your site.




RESEARCH has led us to our strategic 4 step solution and us getting you more buyer leads!

#1  Press releases

Bill Gates of Microsoft has been quoted as saying…  “If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on Press Releases”.

We (strongly believe) believe strongly in the power of Press Releases. Your business too will benefit strongly through professionally written Press Releases. Your content will be published on over 300 news sites — your business/brand will have greater recognition.

#2  Video marketing (80% of people respond better to video)

Video marketing is the medium in most demand!  Just name me one person or one business who doesn’t like, use or need a video to promote their brand/business.  

Here`s an example of what this Video Software can create in well under an hour!


Contact me or just click this link to find out more …  Click ME!

NB: Video and the Press Release will work together. Used together your brand will be front of mind for many more people!

#3Proprietary Software

We use proprietary software to promote each of your services and products. You will be ranked by Google for numerous relevant keywords. Our proprietary software works in tandem with the above, to lift your Brand visibility for your products and services. People in your area who search for your products and services will find you.

#4 Cutting-edge digital business card

Your business will get access to the ‘newest cutting-edge digital business card.(not some ordinary digital card) And your business, whether it be small, medium or large will now be ready for a referral marketing blitz – local marketing on steroids!

The best and least expensive marketing strategy. Include all your customers in the ‘business brand community you are keen to expand’.  Referral marketing will be so easy when you get your hands on our “A….. digital card”. (Launch date … late November 2018)

#5 Messenger Bots

Coming soon to our consultancy!  The big boys of business are using them now.  Your businesses will need them soon too.

PS: We don’t do ads, so you don’t need to pay out lots of money. You don`t have to compete with the big players who dominate your market.


Our focus in working with Locally Based Businesses is to grow Customer Numbers by 50% to 300% over 6 months.   Without a doubt, businesses always want more buyers!


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Brief History about Rob Ryan.

Rob lives in South Australia, just outside of the capital, Adelaide. Interests include personal development, business development and management, coaching, healthy living, and life balance. Creativity and entrepreneurship teaching is essential for growth.

Rob has been a small business owner for 9+ years. He trained with David Rock of ‘Neuroleadership Institute’ with a focus on brain-based coaching.  

Rob has a successful career as a teacher and Principal of Primary schools. He led the Peachey Road Project bringing vitality to disadvantaged communities.


Top Read:  “13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful” http://bit.ly/FocusForSuccessIdeas

Qu: Where is the richest place in the world?   Answer: It’s in the graveyard of the unfulfilled dreams of the world! (mine! … and yours?).

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