​Promote your business with ZERO cost…  build a strong viral connection!


Easily create simple Viral Marketing!

The ‘Associate Card’ is designed to make viral connections for your business!

Now Your Business can exist digitally on everyones` phone!

  • The Associate digital card uses very high-end technology!
  • The card becomes viral when it`s shared between you, your customers, and clients


Imagine the features you can include on your app-like card … let’s start with the basics, your business name, your personal name, phone number, email address, and blog address.


Add these…

  • all your social media links, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • all your website properties
  • videos that promote and sell your products
  • copies of brochures etc
  • news about sales and specials etc
  • membership options
  • etc etc















​”Promote your business with ZERO cost”

Summary of benefits …

  1. Has full integration with all the leading digital social platforms
  2. You can email and text directly from the card.
  3. Payment portals and shopping carts can be embedded.
  4. Clients could have access to your diary to make appointments.
  5. You can promote offers and discount vouchers.
  6. You can promote news, sales of one-off specials.
  7. You have huge flexibility!

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Viral Marketing sharing…

  1. by you to your customers and clients’ phones!
  2. by your customers and clients to their friends’
  3. by their friends to other friends!  
  4. by their friends to other friends!
  5. by their friends to other friends!
  6. etc etc etc etc etc

‘Associate’ boosts Referrals … it encourages Viral Marketing” 


“We all know that word of mouth is “King”. What others say can grow your bottom line. So it pays to encourage others to share your card.  Reward them!  See increased results.”

“Never be caught without business cards again. Don’t make your prospects search amongst your competitors to try and find you, and risk finding your competitors”.


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“The Associate Card is the ‘ULTIMATE ‘SWISS ARMY POCKET KNIFE’ business tool, for ANYYONE who seeks to grow their personal profile, and who seeks to market themselves, and their business and service locally, nationally, and internationally”. 



“We attribute our encouraging growth surge to our simple to use mandate. The two-click digital business card is easily shared and passed on, both singularly and as part of a user’s network”.

“We are seeing proof of our concept, that places Associate as a unique player, an effective digital answer to word of mouth that is valuable to both consumers and businesses.”


Associate App Platform as seen on……


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