#1 Way To Market Your Business And Increase Residual Income

Let`s face facts! People have businesses so they can make as much money as possible. People want to get the best lifestyle possible!

The formula boils down to having as many customers as possible who spend their money with you? …. Multiplying your effort and time will definitely increase your income.

“Yes, the above is a very basic, simple and crude statement! …. We know it`s more about product, quality service and having skills to continually build relationships with customers and clients so they keep coming back to you”!

So what is the #1 way to market your business? …. it`s simple, smart and easy!  …. and it`s on your phone! …. it can easily be on everyone`s phone!

Example… The Network Marketing Business success model is about building a team, about having a strong commitment to building a strong relationship with your people and about passing on and sharing- it`s a people to people business model.

People to people businesses have much lower marketing costs, they emphasise ‘word of mouth’ to grow their financial return.

“The SMS Cards are Fantastic. As an Internet professional it is important to stay ahead of the pack on technology. I am using my card consistently and have noticed the increase in referred business as a result. My card is passed on with over 30 referred calls in the last month alone. I am now promoting my card to all clients”.  B.C. 

“We suggest to our customers to stay updated, joining our alerts list. That allows us to bring them back to our SMS card or website”.  J.J. Retail.

Share, pass on, multiply, DUPLICATE! – tell as many people as possible about the products, tell how to market the business to others, tell how to make money.  

In other words ‘duplicate the exact playbook, share phone to phone, people to people, people to people, phone to phone’.


Whatever your business:-  model, is it local, small, medium, large, service, professional, affiliate etc …. you have to get as many people as possible to see your business?

The #1 solution to marketing, people to people is… ‘THE CARD’  

  • ‘The Card’ is a potential bonanza for your business!
  • Your steps are…You just pass on ‘The Card’.
  • Say…  These are my products and services.
  • Let`s keep in contact.
  • Please pass this on to your friends and family.

Here`s an example for a Network Marketing Business!

  • ‘The Card’ appears like an app on your mobile phone – but it`s not an app, it`s ready to sms!
  • You set up your card just ONCE – name it, add images, videos text, social media etc
  • Your sms card is your ‘playbook’
  • It`s so simple and easy to set up (or we will do it for you, you just provide your info)
  • You`re ready now to pass on ‘your card’ to potential business partners!
  • Automatically share by simply entering their name and mobile number. 
  • They now have ‘your card’ – an exact duplicate of your`s – on their mobile, they just need to personalise it and ‘make it their card’.
  • They`re now ready to confidently pass the card to their product buyers and business builders.
  • Next!  – duplicate it…  then duplicate it .. then duplicate it … then…


Find out more about ‘The Card’ … just click here.

You just need to do this!

  1. Set up the card.  
  2. Pass it on… sms mobile to mobile.
  3. All team members copy you, do the same, sms the card to the next person! 
  4. Referrals and sharing is now so much more likely!
  5. And you can send out updates to all team members just by sms-ing them


Other important info…. 

  • The Card translates into 97 languages world-wide!
  • Pay Pal and Credit Card payment gateways can be enabled.
  • email and phone from the card
  • Set up QR codes!
  • and more

Cost to set up? 

  • the Free Card is FREE
  • Month by month is US$4.95
  • Larger organisations please Apply for Special Costing via ‘the card”


>  Get ALL the info you need about ‘The Card’  here .



Julia Hartz, ‘Evenbrite’ — “Really understanding your customers comes from building relationships with them. It`s important to be their best friend, therapist, family member”. 

Shaun Neff on Building a Great Brand — Be different and be relevant. Keep it unique”.