17 Essential Marketing Skills To Be Mastered For Success In 2022

Entrepreneurs know that there are at least 17 essential digital marketing skills to be mastered for success in 2022.

All marketers are faced with this quandary!

What a mind-blowing dilemma!


What skills and tools are essential for success?  Where can you find a comprehensive and quality list needed tools and skills?

What is the best training available on the market?  How can you trust some of the promoters?

What costs and charges can you expect to pay?

How do you know what tools and skills are mastered in the shortest time?

Will the owner and staff of purchased products provide quality online training and reputable and reliable ongoing support?

Yes, there are many marketing questions to be asked and answered for everyone wanting to embark on building their wealth on the internet.

At “Small Business Chronicles” my focus is…

“What`s profitable to work on to get more leads, better open rates, higher conversions, and more sales”?

My pages and posts are guides to assist you to map your success. Please check them out as you have time.

Key Marketing skills you MUST master are …

  • product and niche mastery,
  • sales page construction,
  • sales videos that work best,
  • texts to write in VSL videos,
  • upsell videos,
  • bonus/freebie giveaways to entice buyers,
  • webinar video options,
  • affiliate review pages,
  • pages for different purposes and niches,
  • software development,
  • demo videos,
  • how-to-videos …

NB: Copywriting … for sales letters, pages, and posts is an ongoing learning journey. 



NB: Emails for marketing, what to say to offer and or sell is also an ongoing skill set to be mastered. 




  1. What PRODUCTS are profitable to sell right now?
  2. Who are the BUYERS?
  3. WHERE DO YOU FIND BUYERS who are interested in your products and have the money to buy?
  4. What is the best way to build the best list, so that you are not a one-day wonder; yes you need to build a lasting profitable business!

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