19 World-Changing Experts Reveal… Virtual Summit “Hacking The Entrepreneur’s Mindset” Free Ticket Anyone?

Ever struggling with a feeling of overwhelm? Time management, information overload, staying focused, having the right mindset and balancing everything in your business. It’s a lot. 

Today I came across something I really think can help you with this and make a huge difference for your business – The Evolvepreneur “Hacking The Entrepreneur’s Mindset” Virtual Summit.
On March 27th, 2017, my friend John North from Evolvepreneur.club is organizing a 5 day online event and they are offering free tickets (valued at $197) for a limited time.
The event brings together 19  world’s leading entrepreneurs, successful business owners, thought leaders and award winning authors – all sharing their best ideas and strategies. this will be a rare opportunity to learn how some of the best stay on top. 
Here is a run down of who we interviewed and what to expect:
  • Mike Koenigs – Millionaire’s Marketing Mindset  
  • Andrew Gazdecki – How A Software Business become #1 App Builder in The World   
  • Jim Edwards – Why You Are Best Copywriter You Ever Hired!   
  • Thomas Umstattd Jnr. – How to use Kickstarter to start your own Business & The Secrets to having a successful Author Website  
  • Kyle Reinholm – Webinar Secrets to Building Your Business Fast!  
  • Dave Nevogt – How To Create a leading Software Company Without Being The Technical Person    
  • Everett O’Keefe – How To Leverage and Create Mastermind Groups  
  • Anutza Bellissimo – The 5 Star Entrepreneur  
  • Jane Jackson – Finding your passion and the right career or business for you  
  • Kelly Roach – How to Build Unstoppable Momentum and Achieve Anything 
  • Victoria Griggs – How To leverage Facebook Ads Strategically for Your Business 
  • Chris J Reed – How to become a Thought Leader on Linkedin 
  • Tony Eades – The Small Business Digital Marketing Gameplan 
  • John A McCabe – 100 Days Authority Accelerator 
  • Andy Falco Jimenez – How to use Facebook Live to grow your business or create new products 
  • Gina Gardiner – Am I Good Enough?  
  • Graham Hawkins – The Death of the Traditional Salesperson and what the future holds  
  • Jill Brennan – The 5 Building Blocks of Marketing  
  • Michael Griffiths – Referral Marketing is a Powerful way to market your business 
They will also have thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs for the attendees.
I look forward to seeing you there!  …….  Virtually of course!
Rob Ryan


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P.S. They are also offering a full access pass for a special early bird price until Sunday .  

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