20 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Business.

20 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Business is the sort of information I would have liked to have to get me going!  Use these tips on marketing your business wisely!

You have the opportunity to start off in a realistic way and not to have to search too far!  Study these and decide which suits you. There is so much in these tips you should be able to set up a marketing plan for your business without too much effort.

Cost is always an issue. So these cherished bits of info will do you well.

Eyes wide open and wallet shut!  Low cost, or ‘walk before you run’ is the way to go!

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Enjoy these 20 tips! NB: Plan well their use. 

 The prospect of marketing your business can be overwhelming, especially when you are a small business with an even smaller budget. The good news is that marketing doesn’t have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

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Here are 20 ways you can market your small business on a shoestring budget — or even on no budget at all.

1. Post amazing content on your blog

Your blog will be the foundation of all your other marketing efforts. It is where you direct visitors, nurture relationships and capture leads. Be sure to regularly post content that meets the needs and interests of your audience.

2. Create a Google My Business account.

If you want your business to show up in local search, a Google My Business account is a necessity. This will make sure your business is not only visible on search, but on Google Maps and Google+ as well.

3. Get free PR with HARO.

How does free PR in national magazines and websites sound? Create a free account with HARO. (Help a Reporter Out) and respond to relevant media queries.

4. Build a free (or cheap) email list.

Every business owner should have an email list! But when you are just starting out, you likely don’t want to commit to the monthly fee that many email management services charge. Fortunately, most offer a free option for businesses with smaller lists. For instance, MailChimp offers its service for free for businesses with fewer than 2,000 subscribers. And when you are ready to take things to the next level, aWeber starts at just $19/month.

5. Contribute an article to an industry magazine.

Advertising in trade magazines can run you thousands of dollars. But contributing an article? Absolutely free. Many magazines accept guest contributions, and let you promote your business in your bio.

6. Attend local networking events.

Check out local business events on Meetup.com, or see what events your local chamber or small business association is hosting.

The article from Entrepreneur can be seen in full at this link. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/247299   I highly recommend this as a resource.