4 Ways to Reinvent Yourself! Just Be Careful where You Start Again

Reinvent yourself! Yes! 4 Ways to Reinvent Yourself!  Just Be Careful where You Start Again!

I came across this superb article by Jeff Hayden, and just needed to share it with you! (see the link for the full article at the bottom of this post).

Seems like so many business friends I know are in this very bus!  Yes, reinventing themselves, their business and therefore their lifestyle!

But before you start on your search, I want to let you know what I consider are the hallmarks, the foundations of a business that will succeed!


How does this sound to you as the basis for a success oriented business?

  • Having a personal coach to get you started in implementing each step of a formula.
  • Having a done-for-you marketing websites and sales funnels that are proven to convert.
  • Being invited to be part of exclusive Workshops where you will receive ongoing support, training and assistance from leaders and high performing members of a community of business people.

Why reinvent the wheel? Why buy into a scheme where there are gaps and falsehoods? Ask yourself is this another ‘shiny object’?

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Now for an excerpt from Jeff Hayden`s article. From Steve Jobs to David Bowie: 4 Ways to Reinvent Yourself”

Success is never inevitable. Success only seems assured in hindsight. Every successful person I know worked and struggled and failed and probably even despaired… until they took a chance and reinvented themselves and discovered their own path to success.

Cases in point: Steve Jobs, David Bowie, Victoria Beckham, and Ron Howard.


Just look at Katy Perry. The daughter of two evangelical ministers, Perry was a Christian singer before discovering a love of suggestive pop songs. Arnold Schwarzenegger is another prime example; originally from Austria, the Hollywood actor dominated our screens in action movies during the 80s and 90s before becoming the 38th governor of California.


Focus on what you want to achieve: Steve Jobs.

When the late, great Apple co-founder returned to the company in 1997, one of the first things he did was drastically reduce its number of core products. He reportedly drew a four-squared chart on a whiteboard and told staff to condense the firm’s broad range of around 40 computers to just four.

The controversial strategy paid off. …

And there`s lots more!  The FULL article can be found by clicking on this link.

Source: http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/from-steve-jobs-to-david-bowie-4-ways-to-reinvent-yourself.ht