8 Lessons Learned Studying World-Class Achievers

What We Learn From World Class Achievers – 8 Important Lessons, some new, but all to be consciously remembered!

I have always been curious – what makes achievers different from us?

We all have our own aspirations in life; we are almost ready to do anything to fulfill our dreams – but what happens – why do we fail?

Why do most of us fail and just a few move ahead to be ‘world class achievers?’

Well, a lot has been researched on this!

Indeed – achievers do things differently!

“Discipline” is the Number One of 8 Lessons Learned Studying World-Class Achievers.

—-  World class achievers lead the most disciplined life. They have a set mission and they are not ready to compromise anything for their mission.


They are truly different and this is what makes them achievers!  ………  I personally love #3 below!!  Do you?

Learn more about the lives of these achievers. (thanks to those at Entrepreneur)


As someone who has aspirations but, admittedly, is not world-class at anything, I’m always curious about the origins of those who are the very best at what they do. I’ve learned eight lessons from studying the elite in professions from athletics to business and, occasionally, art to find out what makes them tick and how they reached such rarified air.
1. Live a life of discipline.

Despite his busy schedule shooting and promoting his movies, movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson religiously follows a strict diet and fitness regimen, eating seven carefully orchestrated meals designed for maximum health benefits. He wakes up daily at 4 a.m. to eat his first meal and start the day. His approach to fitness is extreme, but it’s a big part of how he’s achieved extreme levels of success. Simply put, he is more disciplined than those who would try to dethrone him at the box office.

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2. Be on a mission.

The highest levels of excellence are a result of years of training and preparation. Great inspiration is required to maintain the unflinching discipline to chase, day in and day out, a goal that is unobtainable to the average person. This is a quest that propels you to march forward on your darkest days. Not everyone has a mission that stirs his or her soul. If you are fortunate enough to discover yours, you have the first tool needed to become world-class.
3. Bias towards action.

Thomas Edison once said, “Everything comes to those who hustle while they wait.” There is no more succinct description of what drives the most ambitious and world-class among us. If you pause to consider the countless hours it takes to master anything, you’ll find that getting started now is a necessity. Time is the greatest and rarest of commodities. Those who aspire to achieve world-class status are intimately aware of how precious each day is and know better than to waste a second.

The last 5 can be seen here! (and much more…) Enjoy!