About Carbon Footprint, but What Does That Really Mean?

We often hear about carbon footprint, but what does that really mean? Why the fuss?


Carbon footprint simply refers to …

— the amount of carbon that is released to the atmosphere due to a particular activity.

— Driving a car to the supermarket releases carbon dioxide, probably carbon monoxide, and other polluting fumes from the exhaust pipe to the air.

— Using electricity and gas in the home and in our businesses is a must, but

Air travel is causing our climate`s atmosphere massive issues with burnt fuel residue!  Agree?

Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas to produce electricity releases carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, soot and other noxious gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.

— They are called “greenhouse gases”.

— They stop heat from radiating from the earth’s atmosphere into space.

As a result countries worldwide have reported warming temperatures.

2015 was the planet’s warmest year since the 19th century, triggering heat waves, droughts, storms, and hurricanes and flooding worldwide.

— And how is 2016 going?

It is continuing to get warmer! – that’s climate change!

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