Affiliate Bot Marketing Tool Creates 3 Lists Simultaneously!

3 Lists Created Simultaneously With An Affiliate Bot Marketing Tool?  Yes, that sounds great, hey!  Huge potential is waiting for you right now!

And I have an invitation for you?  I`d like to introduce you to my AI work partner, the name… “RobsBot”?   RobsBot is my ‘affiliate bot marketing tool’ – its task is to get into action whenever someone visits my sites. And I will say, the tasks are carried out superbly well!


Background to Bot  development:

Bot marketing is booming right now and next year, in 2022 you will likely see an explosion in the use of bots!  Now is the time to get in front of the trend!  Using high-quality bots will surely be the go-to AI creation for business!

History shows us that today most marketers focus solely on email marketing. And yes, emails will likely remain one of the best ways to sell, connect and build your tribe.

However, I`d encourage you to check out my ‘affiliate list bot marketing tool’… could be, that with this quality innovation, you’ll race ahead of your competition!


Affiliate`s Dilemma: 

What`s the current open rate of emails?

What do you think is the open rate is for Bot users?

Bot open rates are many multiples higher than that of emails. 

We all know businesses thrive when they continue to expand their contacts database.  Building larger and more comprehensive databases are essential to enhanced success.  2022, is the right time to expand business options and connect more expansively with your customers!


Pondering affiliates business today:

You`ll likely agree that the life for many affiliates in 2019, 2020, 2021 looks pretty much like this… bleak!

  • You spend lots of money and work hard to get clicks… yet you get only a completed email on a squeeze page (maybe)
  • Will that be the last time you ever see that prospect?  Did you increase your contact database?
  • Who does get any data?
  • Do you get to see that prospect again and market again to them!


Quote: “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success” Biz Stone Co-Founder of Twitter


Looking forward to your business in `22:

How can an “Affiliate List Bot Marketing Tool” easily create changes for you?

Ask yourself…

Could an ‘Affiliate List Bot Marketing Tool’ revolutionize my affiliate business? 

Is there an ‘Affiliate Bot Marketing chatbot’ available for my niche?

How much better off will I be when I extend my business into the AI field?

How much time might I save going forward, by checking into an automated way of doing my business. (ie set up once and that`s it, it just goes on and on)

I know that if I set it up once now for the rest of 2021, I can use it in 2022, and longer going forward…  


Action plans:

About List building management! —  if given the choice, how many lists would you build?

  • build just one?
  • or build two perhaps?
  • OR… or…
  • GO FOR IT!
  • EASILY build 3 lists.   And do it on automatic.
  • And, you save money going forward!


Advantages of having a ChatBot:

Affiliate bots will collect and…

  1. Grow contacts via Messenger, via Email, and via Text… all automated!
  2. Bots connect with both faceBook and Instagram!
  3. You get clicks from connecting via Messenger, from submitted Emails, from Texts…
  4. And all the time lists are being built… now you will have multiple ways of reconnecting?

 Next:and because you have loads of info in your database, you can begin a dynamic Retargeting Campaign

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Fun and Profit:

My AI ChatBot partner, “RobsBot” is welcoming and fun to interact with! My ‘Invitation to interact with  “RobsBot” is still waiting for you below!



It doesn`t matter whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with bots, now you will be surprised at how advanced AI technology is today! Consider trying it for yourself?



Invitation to meet ‘RobsBot’:

I invite you to visit ‘RobsBot’ and see for yourself how today`s AI bot does its thing?   And likely you will be shocked how engaging & conversational AI bots have now become!


About RobsBot: right now it lives in the E-Commerce niche.

I reckon you`ll find that chatting with ‘RobsBot’ can be quite a lot of fun! ….   Yes, it`s different relating to bots!

‘RobsBot’ will want to know who you are?  What interests you might have?   ‘RobsBot’ will wonder how it out might be able to assist you and your business in some way.

We are very different and advanced from earlier created bots… we offer a huge number possibilities and products and… and…

The bot makes offers of more than just one solution!   And we`re not too pushy when we sell! 


PRIDE:   Yes, RobsBot is quite intelligent!  (LOL … not to brag too much)


ACTIVATE:   You can unlock the AI technology!  –> Click HERE!


High Quality Bot marketing for TODAY!

Who doesn`t love the thought of setting up something once, knowing it will run automatically for as long as you decide? —


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All the best,

Rob Ryan, ‘Small Business Chronicles.Com’


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