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The Ambassador program by John Thornhill is a comprehensive, significant, and proven program that shares knowledge about Online SuccessInternet Marketing, and Important Digital Skills all directed to earning money online.

You decide if this is what you really need to start or grow your online business.  Having quality mentoring and guidance is a foundational key to success and this program delivers in spades!  

Just look around at all successful business and sport people? The Ambassador program coaches and mentors you. Coaching and mentoring is where essential for all successful people, business, sport, entertainment, academic and more. 


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John Thornhill will take you by the hand, showing you the process to set up a life-changing business! Nothing is left out so if you have just a little knowledge or even need a refresh to fill in those annoying gaps in your knowledge or processes to get things done efficiently, then check out the Ambassador Program!

John is a top 1%  ClickBank Seller!  His Proven System, the ‘Ambassador Program’ is about creating Your 6 figure automated Xtra Income Stream!  The highlight is to create an automated income stream.


  • The Ambassador Program by John Thornhill will take your digital marketing skills to where they must be! 
  • The real and sustained key to success is to find a coach and mentor if you`re to make that leap to a new lifestyle! 
  • John shows you what to do step-by-step and makes sure that you are brought to a level where you start making those real life-changing earnings you`re seeking.


The Ambassador Program teaches you how to set up a digital business. https://freepdf.convertri.com/rr-optin


PS:  If you’re wanting a get rich quick scheme, then just keep playing with those shiny objects. There`s plenty of them, they cost a lot, and a tip….  they go out of fashion when a new shiny object appears. You’re likely going to wish you had a better look at this earning money online program first?


The Ambassador Program deserves your attention!

  • There are many challenges when setting up an online business. 
  • Everyone I speak to says their biggest worry is about getting traffic!
  • and getting buyers who will their products and services.
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