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Question: Do you desire to take your sales success to the next level?

Question: What if you were able to know almost everything about your prospects before you approached them?

… and I`m not talking about just having their name and phone number but…

  • what they like to do!
  • what interests them most!
  • what their demographics are!
  • what their financial status is!
  • what their personality type is!
  • how best to communicate with them!
  • what motivates them to take action!
  • what is their preferred communication mode!
  • and even how best to sell to them!!

PLUS….  access to all their Social Media Accounts too!

Question: … Would this info give you an enhanced possibility of them buying your products, or signing up for your services? … I bet this info will be better than poorly targeted marketing!

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  • It will help you identify your best leads and
  • connect with your ideal prospects so you can
  • develop strong long lasting relationships and successfully
  • build a financially prosperous life.

Note! … Many things that used to work in sales and selling no longer do!

“If you eliminate what no longer works, you illuminate what does”. Cheryl Richardson.


Colleague, mentor, innovator, creator ‘Brett Rademacher’ who is a proven 7 Figure income earner in the Sales arena, has developed a revolutionary new approach. He calls it “Advanced Internet Intelligence”!


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”.  Buckminster Fuller.


The sales technology and methodology is simple to use and …  is a whole new way to doing sales!!!

  • anyone can use it
  • it is affordable
  • it is cutting edge
  • it is fun and easy
  • and it really works

Yes, it`s designed for anyone and everyone who is engaged in successfully selling products or services and who wants increased referrals.


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