Another Amazing Rag To Riches Story!

Story of Rags to Riches! Now a Turnover of Rs30 crores and dreams of IPO – Renuka Aradhya once begged in the streets!

Another amazing rag to riches story! Now with an annual turnover of more than Rs 30 crores, Renuka Aradhya was so poor that he was forced to beg in the streets for food. Born in an extremely poor family in India, Renuka had a troubled childhood, a miserable hostel life ( where his father sent him for free meals) and a long struggle at work to make both ends meet. But, with great dedication, hard work and patience, Renuka now owns more than 1000 cars and plans to start a new business soon enough.

If you believe that no one is as much miserable as you are, if you lack all opportunities, you future is dull and there is absolutely no hope for you, just read the amazing life story of Renuka Aradhya and you will know that life changes for those who try.

Renuka dreamt big, he never lost hope and he was never tired of trying – this kept him going. He didn’t give up when he was begging or when he was transporting dead bodies, or when he was driving tourists without being an expert driver or when he was begging for food. With almost no education, no family support, no money and lots of adversities, Renuka still managed to make a mark for himself. He is now an entrepreneur who employs people. Read the roller coaster journey of Renuka and believe that hard work and dedication does pay off.

Thanks Dipti Nair, for this inspirational story of Renuka! Hope and hard work does help to succeed and this is proved by Renuka.

Renuka Aradhya in his office.

Renuka was born poor. Very poor. He has seen the kind of poverty that put him on the streets to beg. The poverty that kept him hungry both literally and metaphorically.

Where does one begin to tell this entrepreneur’s story? From pushing a handcart under a blazing sun to now owning a fleet of 1000 plus cars? Or from transporting 300 dead bodies to ferrying foreign tourists who left tips in dollars? Or from failing to clear class X exams to now rubbing shoulders with the industry’s who’s who?

Or the fact that with his foresight he was able to ward off Uber and Ola poaching his business, and is making the next generation ready to dream big by bringing his daughter-in-law (who comes from a poor family) into the business.

Ernest Hemingway wrote a long time ago, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Here’s Renuka’s roller coaster journey in his own words because no other words will do it justice.

Every day is a winding road

I belong to a village called, Gopasandra, in Anekal taluk near Bengaluru. My father was a pujari at a temple allotted by the state government though he did not get any fixed salary. After conducting the puja, he would go to nearby villages to beg for ragi, jowar, or rice. He would then sell the grains in the market and with the money that he got from the sale he would take care of us. We were three children, two boys and one girl.

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