B2B Sales/Lead Generation 2022 High-Quality Products Report Launched

With the launch of the new report, Small Business Chronicles highlights effective software solutions that businesses can use in 2022 to position themselves as a service and support for other businesses and entrepreneurs.

These tools are now available as part of the ‘Yes You Can Coaching’ program.

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Technological advancements in marketing are now a key differentiator for small businesses and business leaders must stay abreast of these new technologies to stay competitive.

According to the report,

“We have selected a small range of high-quality products that we consider are profitable to work with. Our product suggestions tick these boxes… they are high quality, proven in the market, and are positive financially.”


The recently launched report provides up-to-date information on how businesses and entrepreneurs can be more successful in 2022 using three featured digital products.



  1. In the report, Rob Ryan presents “Remixable”, a software platform that creates a complete internet business based on a proven blueprint. Remixable can be used to build professional websites, create and sell software, design e-covers or logos, and attract buyer traffic.
  2. Another feature that businesses may use to generate more B2B sales leads and revenue is “BotBuilder”. It uses an automated chatbot that can be customized to the needs of multiple industries, including affiliate marketing, real estate, fitness, and more.
  3. Rob Ryan also recommends “VidBullet” as a fully automated software platform that produces immersive video content for increased attention, engagement, and conversion.


About Small Business Chronicles …

Small Business Chronicles is a result-oriented program founded by Rob Ryan.

Its purpose is to provide knowledge, business ideas, recommendations, and updates on innovative technologies and software to business company owners.

Rob Ryan is a coach with ten years of experience as a small business owner.

His passions include personal development, business development, management, coaching, healthy living, and life balance.

For more information, interested parties can visit https://smallbusinesschronicles.com