Big Announcement- Simplify Your Business Marketing, Go Referral.

It isn’t too often that I post ‘BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS’ on my blog or social media, but something came across my path that I knew I just had to take a second look at… an announcement that I`m sure will be of benefit to you too… (no shiny objects here). It will help you easily and cost-effectively start a business, simplify your business, add an income stream, smarten your work.


A Big Announcement Is Coming

This is a “Big Announcement”.….

What follows is a letter from me to you, thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am both a part time teacher and a small business owner.  Like lots of people online… I was looking for a way to add an extra stream of income that didn’t require a bunch of crazy hyped up sales stuff like you see a lot of people do on the internet…

I`m also very keen to build retirement dollars and to free up ‘those dictated 40+ hours paid work ’!  I need to make my business work!

I didn’t want to do anything Salesly or anything that was not hugely legitimate. (I`ve been caught before … those shiny objects that look OK, but … !)

I won`t do MLM, Home Parties, or bug people on the phone or any of that pushy stuff…

I want to be able to do my work as much as possible 100% online.. entrepreneur style.


It really made me curious…

So I asked for the link to see what it was all about. I was so surprised to see exactly just how good it was!


MOST people who have a business need more customers… referral marketing is the very best you can have!



P.S. If you are frustrated by Internet marketing but if you love the idea of providing your  service more broadly, that people are happy with your products, use Associate!

Message me for more info!

Rob Ryan

“our focus is on specific solutions to your business development, expanding your influence and building your net worth”


Skype: rob.ryan2011

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