BotBuilder Chatbots Drive Results Generates leads, Increase Sales

My internet business has been on struggle street just recently. I`m convinced that BotBuilders ChatBots drive results generate leads, increase sales.


A recommendation from a friend took me to look at “BotBuilders”. And I`m definitely convinced!!!


“BotBuilder Chatbots Drive Results Generate leads, increase sales”.


BotBuilder ChatBot is
1. a truly conversational Bot.
2. a business builder.
3. Is the best, for ALL businesses.
4. Is great for AFFILIATES!!!


I`m in the process of installing BB on a number of FB pages.

BB is solving numerous, very common problems for me. Likely my problems are similar to what most businesses face.

“Our automated Chatbots drive results for the biggest players …. anyone can use our bots to generate leads, increase sales and improve support”.

Mike Leitz, CEO and Founder BotBuilders.


✅Capture More Leads – And not just bot subscribers.  One-click email opt-ins are the boost your list has been needing.

✅Become an Expert – Someone in your space will use a bot to gain fame and fortune… why not you?

✅Automate Your Sales – If you’re not already making money while you sleep, wouldn’t you agree it’s about time you did?

✅Income Selling Bots – Regardless if it becomes your primary business or a side hustle, you should go where the cash is.

✅Lower Lead Costs – With rising ad costs and lowering landing page opt-ins, you need something better.  This is it.

✅Capitalize on a Trend – Regardless of what opportunities you’ve missed in the past, you only need this 1 to change everything.

✅Increase Conversions – Increased engagements and laser targeting, this investment can pay dividends for years to come.

✅Save Massive Time – You already know you’re going to need a bot, why not let us handle most of the work for you?

✅Join the Community – Should you buy in this is probably the most valuable thing we can provide… support every step of the way!!!

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You need to know!

⚡️Instant Bot Creation with BotBuilders Core ($25,000 value) – Out of the box, world-class 100+ flows, 500 keywords, 50+ sequences, and more.

⚡️Exclusive Client-Getting “Bot Selling Bot” Template ($10,000 value) – Attract clients with a free demo, preps them to buy, and sets you up to sell! This one-of-a-kind bot took our team countless hours and capital to build!

⚡️BotBuilders Basics, Advanced and Growth Courses ($997 value)

⚡️Writing to Convert Copywriting Course ($997 value) – This complete copywriting course will take anyone, and turn them into a world-class copywriter.

⚡️Executive Membership Free for 30 Days (optional, $97 mo.) – Get help with integrations, download all our premium templates.

⚡️Bot Business-in-a-Box System and Training ($997 value) – It never hurts to have multiple streams of income?

⚡️Build a World-Class Brand Advanced Training ($249 value) – A killer brand gives you credibility, increases your company value, and attracts more customers.

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