How To Build Successful Relationships With Customers And Prospects

Small business people have greater success in business when they ‘get it’ — that ‘the keynote to success’ is only to do with the quality of relationships built with your customers, clients and new prospects.

How sincerely you get along with your clients, customers and prospects … must be ‘top of  your strategic agenda’ if you want to put more dollars in your pocket.

Q and A: … What`s the simplest, easiest and cheapest way for any business to keep in touch with their tribe? ….   What is you answer? … (before you look below).   Hint!   4.77 billion in 2017.

Isn`t it all about keeping in touch?  We do that with our friends and family. We meet regularly, we share news, events and happenings! We let them know when we win the lottery! We let them know that we took a sickie. We let them know when the kids are sick, that a friend got hospitalised, that we think politicians are really a waste of space!

We just need to keep in touch!that`s what life, personal or business is about – connecting and engaging and  – ‘gossiping is great fun’!

Are business relationships really not too different from personal relationships and work relationships?

So would your business benefit when it… 

  1. communicated more frequently than in the past?
  2. shared stories and news about their business, (don`t just sell, sell, sell!)?
  3. told people about upcoming events —- as a friend would share information?
  4. told people differently — of course, about sales, specials, discounts, special offers?
  5. gave things away for no costs on special occasions?
  6. shared information of how you support local groups?
  7. shared how a % of profit goes to a church or charity or school?
  8. and lots more you can think of no doubt!

The Solution is … ‘The Card’

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  3. and escape paying huge $$ in marketing
  4. and engage with your tribe!

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