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  • builds professional website pages – all the different pages you will ever use
  • creates software products for you … and sells for top profit
  • creates e-covers and logos
  • access best buyer traffic,
  • “Remixable” is all about automation.
  • The most Profitable business model I’ve ever come across.
  • It’s the proven model “the big guys would love to use”.
  • and much, much more.

The training will run through every step so you can:

  1. learn why you should ONLY sell software,
  2. brainstorm product ideas,
  3. brainstorm product names,
  4. create your brand identity with logos,
  5. e-covers and styled images,
  6. add products to generate DFY content,
  7. create software packages from resell rights (You get access to 50X proven sellers)
  8. research & remix hugely successful websites to make your own, (You don`t need a copywriter)
  9. create any type of page, register domains, publish pages, get traffic & more

“YES to the question, Why Create and Sell Your Own Products”?  Join this creative software project ideas program.

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  4. You Get FREE Buyer Traffic  –  From affiliates (100% passive)
  5. This is wealth-building software!
  6. This is the Most Profitable Business Model

Follow the ‘Remixable’ blueprint, and use its comprehensive tools.  All are directed in straightforward, accessible videos.

Your TIME TO understand how TO LEARN REMIXING other successful websites AND HOW THIS WILL HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY – this is just so exciting – true wealth building!

Yes, this is the best wealth-builder in 2022!

“IT’S TIME TO REMIX HOW YOU MAKE MONEY by Automating EVERY aspect Of Chris X`s Business, Including… Building Websites, Developing Software, etc


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