Daily Rituals To Enhance Your Life, Share With Your Friends

Nik Halik is affectionately known as “The Thrillionaire”. Enjoy his wisdom! Read his list of daily rituals.











Nik Halik`s list, “Daily Rituals To Enhance Your Life, Share With Your Friends”, makes the point that everything you do should be based on your own principles and values only.

It should not be a reflection or adherence to the perceived values of those people around you.

Of course, we all adapt what other people might like to suggest as daily rituals. Yet we do need to make them our own. Ask, question, understand others’ ideas!  Then make your own list!


I recently read something about what time to have the first coffee of the day. The suggestion was not the first thing when you get out of bed, rather a couple of hours later. I`m giving it a try. One change for me!



Here is Nik`s ist of ‘Daily Rituals To Share With Your Friends’.   Really great for one`s belief system!   It’s about ‘Pinnacle of life stuff’.

  1. Everything around you will always change, however, your character and your beliefs are something you can be grounded in.
  2. Go to sleep earlier as this will make it easier to wake up earlier. Remember nothing good comes after 2 am on Television.
  3. Establish a personal life mission statement for how you want to live your life.
  4. Live in a Feng Shui themed environment to energize you and neutralize any potential stress levels. This allows you to fuel the vision of your business and life.
  5. Practice meditation. Meditation is not about thinking of nothing. It helps build your awareness of your own thoughts and how you think about and treat others.
  6. Be proactive, not reactive. Remember, you have the ability to choose how you respond to certain events. It is always your decision to empower any negativity and invest your energies in things that bring you down.
  7. Be happy. Life is not about the pursuit of happiness. We often think that success will bring us happiness, but you need to be happy with yourself in order to be successful.
  8. Start your day by expressing gratitude for what you have. Giving thanks and appreciating what you have allows you to scan the world with a positive mindset to uncover opportunities.
  9. Remember 3-5 things you are grateful for each day and change up the daily list. You’ll tap a source of energy that empowers you.
  10. Smile…It bends the Universe. Even during the toughest of times, be positive.
  11. Smile your way through tough times. This lesson will serve you well. Smile and laugh. It’s the shock absorber and lubricant of your life.
  12. Every day should be a New Years Resolution.
  13. You are born to evolve and thrive on change in order to harness new energies and opportunities. Use this magical thinking.