Daily Rituals To Share With Your Friends

A few weeks back I received an email from Nik Halik. It started with HAPPY NEW YEAR, With 2018 already in full flight, I will continue to build upon my legacy to add value to the life to anyone willing to take massive action. Here is the first half of his list of Daily Rituals to Share With Your Fiends.

Nik writes, These are the ‘DAILY RITUALS THAT DICTATE THE TERMS OF MY LIFE’.  This is it. My life manifesto for everything that I do. Feel free to share with your friends.

Enjoy NIK HALIK`s daily rituals, (first half of his 20 list) . In a few days I`ll post the next 10.


So who is Nik Halik?  A couple of years back I attended a conference in Melbourne. Nik was the TOP Speaker. So inspiring! I must say I learnt more from Nik than I`ve learnt from anyone one else ever!

Nik Halik`s story is remarkable.  (there`s a video below for you)

10 of the best tips … daily rituals to share … with your friends.  A great gift!

1. Leave your respective country or visit an exotic location you’ve never been

   before. If you don’t have access to money, you may want to consider charity

   work abroad. In fact, some programs may even sponsor you.

2. If you hate your job, simply quit your job. Love what you do, and you

   will never work another day in your life. If you think you can’t quit your

   job, think about all the reasons. You may even surprise yourself.

3. Don’t focus on losing weight, just focus on being healthy. Think about

  what you are putting into your body and make time to exercise.

  Your body will always be your greatest asset.

4. Live without regret and never look back. Remove “I could have, would have,

   and should have” from your vocabulary and stop living in the past.

5. Don’t compare yourself to other people, just be yourself.

6. Keep a journal. Writing about things that made you happy in the last 24 hours

  lets you relive the happiness.

7. Re-prioritise your real social networks. Your family will always come first.

  Strengthen relationships with family members. Your family will always care

  about you, no matter how much you don’t think so. Social media is not the

  same as face-to-face. There are actually atoms of energy that can enthuse

  and infuse your neurology that a screen can’t emit.

8. Stay off your phone in the company of others. If you can’t appreciate the

  time you are spending with that person, re-evaluate if that person is even

  worth your time.

9. Take the stairs. We all have to take some small steps to make bigger changes.

  Being conscious of your most basic habits can start to help you realize areas

  of improvement.

10. The 365 day, 365 hours rule: Wake up 1 hour earlier each day for one

    year and work on what you are most passionate about. The dedication of the

    365 hours towards your goals will manifest significant results. Waking up

    early, for example at 6am, there is no one to bother you so you can invest

    some time in yourself. Just wake up productive.


>> I hope you enjoyed the first part of Daily Rituals To Share With Your Friends


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