Does Real Financial Independence Begin With Changes In Mindset?

Does ‘real financial independence’ begin with changes in mindset?   Do new rewards for individuals and community start specifically with a new construction of our mind?

Do we need an evolution of  how we have personally constructed our mind?  Likely we do; so exercising the grey matter is a perfect way to go!

As an educator, I contend we need a major overhaul of elements of ‘our education system’? Should we insist on a teaching pedagogy of mind matters, of creativity and of entrepreneurial spirit or should we get back to the basics, or both? There seems great energy about now to re-engineer our priorities. Mindset does matter.  Let`s teach about it, as a top priority?

What do you say about building future societies?

Which path should our society follow? What are the real pillars of a ‘more conscious’ society?  Is our society careless about teaching thinking skills and careless about teaching the skills of deep questioning?

So what about today`s adults?

A focus on mind matters plus more options for wealth building and financial independence …. will likely lead to building a new and better future. What do you think?

Building financial wealth for the us requires a systematic purposeful action; products and services which enhance and enable wealth creation and which in turn can enable lifestyle quality to grow.

I wonder what difference there would have been in my life`s journey had I understood the true meaning of financial independence?  Would my now-life circumstances have been very different? How much was I de-powered because of the lack of knowledge?

My education was typical of most baby boomers.  I grew up in a very small country town, both parents worked and sport was the basis of life, summer and winter through! I travelled 60 kilometres daily for 7 years from Reynella (South Australia) to Adelaide to complete my secondary and tertiary education. (great choice by my parents!).

But, while my education was standard for the times – academic and exacting, it lacked any mention of business, management and entrepreneurship -and finances.  The mindset of those times was one more related to generations/people recovering from wars and recession; about survival and betterment; about the a concept of having more – to escape from a life of near poverty, one of lack of choice and having-to-just-get-by!

Today, I believe we are more conscious! And there`s certainly greater opportunities for all of us.

What do you believe and feel about attention to mindset?  Do more active and creative mindsets need to prevail for the new times?

New thinking, new teaching, uniqueness and entrepreneurship in it`s widest interpretation needs to be championed!  …  But only if we truly want to have real personal choice, real opportunities, true freedom – real use of time! …  to be, to work, to serve, to travel and, and, and… abounding – choice!

Rob Ryan

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