Don`t Make The Same Mistakes I`ve Made, Time For A Review

Time for a review!  Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you`re mostly treading water? – not going forward and perhaps even going backwards?  Asking yourself questions like – where is my life and my business going?  Why? Why? Why? 

I titled this article quite purposely -“Don`t Make The Same Mistakes I`ve Made, Time For A Review”.


So what`s this all about?

I have been worried for some time about my business, and about my finances. Not growing as I quite want. I needed some quiet contemplation and to forensically examine my business.  After agonising thinking and checking out advice from online mentors to get perspective; I asked myself the following very specific questions.

  1. Why am I doing what I`m doing in my business?
  2. How am I going about it?
  3. What exactly am I doing -what`s working, what`s not working?
  4. What do I need to change?
  5. What value am I providing to others?
  6. What do I do next?
  7. Why am I waiting around for others?
  8. Why do I feel like I have little or no control?


And the big question – the very big question for me and for everyone I expect is –

“Am I feeling really passionate about what I`m doing? Have I lost that passion?”  

How`s your passion?



I recorded everything, all the answers to the above questions – I needed to make them organic, not mind based. I organised them into a simple PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting). This clarified just about everything. It gave me further think time, then……


But first just a little bit about me… just how did I get to where I am today? (short version).. 

I`ve lived hard, I`ve played hard and with passion. 

I have been and still have a career as an educator, teacher, Principal (some years back). I still teach 7 to 13 year olds part time in a local primary school.

I`ve been in business for about 10 years, I`m a learner and a consumer of knowledge. I guess that`s part of me being a teacher. I`ve worked as a Coach.

I`ve been in affiliate marketing and network marketing. And as I said, consumed lots of courses to solve my problems.

I needed to find the answers to all the questions I had, the better way, the best way.

I clearly understand that I`m a long term sufferer of ‘not knowing what I didn’t know in business’. It`s almost like a drug, an addiction!

I have been a buyer of far too many shiny objects – I suffer from “shiny object syndrome” -not sure if that`s a recognised disease or not – but it`s a marketers nightmare!


Commitments from my review exercise.

  1. I will not buy, promote or sell any shiny objects.
  2. I will unsubscribe from ‘those’ mailing lists!
  3. I will delete people from my mailing lists who practice me first-money first people.
  4. I have enough knowledge, I will activate and share it. 


In my business –

  • I will be very guarded about which products and services I promote.
  • My promotions must assist my clients and customers to gain in knowledge.
  • Our business status, finances and welfare must be enhanced.
  • The promotions must be aligned to ‘people connectedness’.
  • The promotions must assist businesses to be unique and to stand out.

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I will no longer be part of perpetuating the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ process to…
  • sell the next thing
  • to sell the next thing!
  • to sell, to sell the next thing!

Going Forward…it`s all about people, about connecting, about relating!

  1. I`m about helping and empowering people to generate quality ‘people leads’ and to use quality processes and systems to achieve this.  
  2. I will encourage people to be smart and to discriminate about offers made to them. 
  3. I will encourage people to know their own strengths and to be clear about their weaknesses.
  4. I will encourage people to be unique and to stand out.


Making time for a review should be scheduled on your calendar … regularly.  The review ought to be seen as essential, as a very positive exercise. 

The review needs to be done with ‘eyes wide open and not with eyes wide shut’

time for a review









Harvard Business Review – Ideas and Advice for Leaders

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Key to any review is …. to ask directions of where to next!

To ask questions… Why? How? What? (these are by far the best starter questions).

  • My blog will feature best products and systems, best thinkers, best leaders, best options!
  • Specific focus .. it`s all centred about people!
  • Ask…  Why do people/customers/clients need you? (because there are people out there looking for you and what you have to offer).
  • You need to know how to find the right people!  (more articles soon)
  • Who are the buyers that are looking for you?  (because you have the answers to their problems in the products and services you offer).


Time for a review









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Take away –  Time for a review can be any time you choose. You need to pre-plan when the next ‘examination’ occurs. Clarity of mind is needed to maximise the effect and outcome of the review -so are you someone who meditates? And what about the other parts of your life? Health. Relationships. Finances. etc …. but one thing at a time is best?
What do you say about ‘time for a review’?
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