Exclusive! 6 Keys to Building a Lasting Bot Focused Business

Technology continues to change the world of business. It`s so important for ALL business folk to keep up to date …..

To help you on your journey, watch this short video … “Exclusive! 6 Keys to Building a Lasting Bot Focused Business”.


“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, say “yes” then learn how to do it…  “Sir Richard Branson.


Tune into a video presentation from Matt Leitz, CEO, and founder of BotBuilders.

BotBuilders founder Matt Leitz was honored to speak at ManyChat’s first conference, which was the world’s first Messenger Marketing event.  Matt was asked to teach bot agencies how to successfully scale their businesses.  The lessons learned can be applied to any business leveraging chatbots.


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Testimonials … What are others saying about building a lasting bot business, yes run by a bot!

Bots on another level.  “You’re the freaking BOT MASTER.”  Mikael Yang  CEO, ManyChat

Unbelievable results.   “Matt Leitz and BotBuilders are the real deal. They built a custom bot for us and we made more than 4x our money back within the first 2 weeks.  Our bot has been #1 on Facebook ever since.”  Cody Sperber   Founder, Clever Investor

Pure genius.  “When I heard Matt Leitz was launching BotBuilders I threw my wallet at him (literally). One of the easiest investments in a decade of investing in my online success.” Alex Jeffereys  Founder, Clients in Abundance

Above and beyond.  “Matt and the BotBuilders team are absolute rockstars who always go above and beyond.  The bot they built for us is a piece of art… nobody in the bot game compares.”​   Mike Koenigs    Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur

WHO IS BotBuilders For?

  • If you want to build a big Messenger and email list
  • You want to better monetize and grow your bottom line
  • You`re ready to finally get Ahead of technology
  • You will represent the BotBuilders Community well

BotBuilders Are Business Builders …  have a Clear Focus on Capturing More Leads!… so you are Building a Lasting Bot Business!

Your new bot will help you pull it all together (finally) …    Capture More Leads, and … you …
  1. Become an Expert
  2. Automate Your Sales
  3. Lower Lead Costs
  4. Capitalize on a Trend
  5. Increase Conversions
  6. Save Massive Time
  7. Choose Your Program and Let’s Rock!
Technology is about Simplicity Genius is Here!

Technology is about Genius in Simplicity!


The BotBuilders Community and our entire team are behind you every step of the way! WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER!  …  Find out LOTS, so click here!