Feeling anxious, angry or depressed at work and at home?

Negative emotions such as anxiety, anger and depression increase markers of inflammation in our blood.

Low moods affect more than just our mental health, research suggests.

The researchers hope this will lead to new mental health treatments that ‘break the cycle’ of ‘inflammation, disability and disease’. 

Low moods like depression can cause inflammation markers to rise in the body (stock)

The research was carried out by Pennsylvania State University and led by biobehavioural health researcher Dr Jennifer Graham-Engeland.

Mental health is one of the ‘main causes of the overall disease burden worldwide’, with one in six people in the UK experiencing a problem like depression or anxiety in the past week, according to the Mental Health Foundation.

Inflammation has been linked to everything from asthma and arthritis to heart disease and even cancer. But it’s role in mental health is less clear.

The underlying causes, as we know can be many, and I won`t make a list, I figure we all have a list!

It seems like this is a worldwide phenomenon, whether you live in Australia, USA, Europe, Asia or anywhere else.

It`s more about also understanding how to manage the effects.

>> Low moods affect more than just your mental health, scientists discover

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adults experience mental illness

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