How A Referral Marketing Strategy and Engaging Customers Works Best.

We know that your SMSCard brings together all the ways you like to be engaged in business. Your website, social platforms, phone calls and emails, and more…  And the card is totally great as a referral marketing strategy! 


  1. Is your audience more Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn?
  2. Or do they prefer your website?
  3. Are customers ringing or emailing?
  4. If you have lots of staff… who are generating the calls and referrals?
  5. Which staff are generating positive feedback and reviews…OR NOT?


—- There is nothing for you to set up.
Another big feature included in Business level SMSCards.
  • Simply log into your SMSCard,
  • view tools and then statistics to identify what`s impacting your business.
  • As you pass on your SMSCard,
  • your information snapshot gets even broader and more valuable!
  • Imagine if you have multiple staff and locations.
  • Draw great informed conclusions on staff service,
  • trends, store culture and more.
If you’re on a free card currently and want a stack of features including Engagements, upgrade now.
  • Cards are FREE,
  • or only $4.95 a month.
  • And we have ‘the Business Card Engagement upgrade’. 
  • Just Log into your card and click… UPGRADE.


This SIMPLY SMART REFERRAL MARKETING STRATEGY  (aka – the Business Card – the Swiss Army knife of business cards).

  1. You’ll probably only use 5 of the attachments,
  2. but you know you’ll eventually need the rest…at some point.
  3. Never miss another opportunity to make a connection
  4. you can send your business card directly from your phone.
  5. Your card can also be updated at any time
  6. Instantly available to recipients of your card.

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