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SBC has focussed to finding the best available technology to help our and your business.

We know that automation beats manual labour.

We know that automation is always a good investment.


Set up the software once & it operates all time!! 

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how to generate more b2b sales leads

->>> How to Generate More b2b Sales Leads


With an automated chatbot, you will generate more leads and revenue.

The ‘BOT BUILDER chatbot’ will be the key to all those marketing dilemmas you are faced with.


At its essence, BotBuilders begins with what it calls “its CORE”!   This can be adapted to any niche business.

You can access already DFY bots, and off-the-shelf models, use them as is, or adapt them specifically to your own specifications.

Your DFY Bots“YES, these are ‘BUILT FOR YOU OFF THE SHELF’ Bots” 

  • affiliate marketing
  • Amazon Sellers
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Network Marketing MLM
  • SEO Agency
  • Gym and Fitness
  • Bot Agency
  • more

NB: BotBuilders is  THE choice of “ManyChat”!

‘BotBuilder is the Business Builder’  … Choices for you as you discover more about chatbot potential!   

-->>> How to generate more b2b sales leads

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I am convinced that “BotBuilder” is the very best, automated, time-saving technology on the market today!

>>> BotBuilder was built by CEO Matt Leitz and his highly talented team.

>> The BotBuilder motto is “We`ve got your back“.


Mike Y is the CEO of ManyChat.

He says of Matt Leitz, creator of ‘BotBuilder’ —

“You are the freaking BotMaster”!


🤖💰  –>> Generate more leads and revenue!


BotBuilder technology links with multiple platforms, including FaceBook, Instagram, Messenger, Text, Email, and Web!

Automated, in one click … users of BotBuilder can access Messenger marketing, Email marketing, Text marketing … ie Omni Marketing!


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Bots Build Businesses

Bots Build Businesses Better

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