How To Spend One Thousand Dollars To Get More Sales?

How to spend one thousand dollars to get more sales is a typical question that people ask me. Or something like that is something that you have asked yourself. Yes?

I certainly have asked myself that question.

And I`m seeking advice and opinions from anyone who gets to read this post!

What is my budget for the next period of time? OK let`s say its $1000. (I think I can afford that.) But I must get the right amount of value from that spend.

I`m fearful that I`ll end up wasting hard earned money!  Been there, done that!  Yes, I`m fearful! Have you experienced that feeling too? Winner? Loser? How do you feel?

I don`t care whether you are making lots of money or some or none at all. No one in business I know will happily throw away a Grand!


Getting more sales is what we all want?

Whether you run an online internet based business or you run a shopfront business, a tradesman`s business or any other type of business, any type of service. ….

At the end of the day we all want sales, we want money to put in the bank, we want value for our time and we want to handsomely cover all costs. And have a profit! A growing profit which we can scale up!

Question:  So how to spend one thousand dollars to get more sales from your marketing budget, feel pretty confident that you will get a positive $$ return? And you can scale up!

  1. So what are your successful sales marketing processes?
  2. I`d love to know, and
  3. I`ll share all contributions
  4. both here as a new and
  5. on my FB page of course confidentially


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Here`s a small list of the most popular ways How To Spend One Thousand Dollars To Get More Sales?  These are frequently used methods.  What are your preferences? What works for you?

  • ads on FB or any of the other Social media
  • Solo ads
  • use any software that you bought from Mr/Ms X
  • buy Leads and use email addresses
  • SEO programs done for you
  • video marketing
  • blogging
  • programs and keywords to rank in Google
  • etc etc

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>>>   Love to see your advice!

Question/survey:  How To Spend One Thousand Dollars To Get More Sales? What are your preferences? What works for you?

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May 15, 2016 Read these pricing strategies backed by academic research to increase and improve your sales. … Not always, according to research from Yale: if two similar items are priced the same, consumers are often less likely to buy one than if their prices are even …. Where you buy affects how much you spend.

I look forward to any contributions. 👍 🍷 ❤

NB: please no promo links …. Just what you use that gets a positive return for your investment.


Rob Ryan


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