“How To Turbocharge Your Business – New SMS Business Cards On Mobiles”

Want a flood of new customers, clients and referred buyers who fully engage with your brand? You can find out “How To Turbocharge Your Business With New SMS Cards On Mobiles”


Discover how to turbocharge your business-

  • promote your products,
  • promote your services,
  • pass on information to thousands of mobile phones.
  • customers and clients will get your messages direct.
  • your website will be at their finger tips.
  • your ‘special customer’ news will be read
  • your highly valued customers will continue to like, trust and value you
  • customers will be just a text message away!


And it takes just a few seconds to sms a message; and you know your message will be seen.

No matter what service, niche or industry you`re in, no matter what products you sell or promote — you want simple, easy and direct access to your customer base and at no cost! 


  • you want an increase in customer numbers?..
  • you want an increase in sales? ..
  • you want more products sold?
  • you want more dollars in the bank?
  • you want to spend less time in your business?
  • you want lower marketing costs?


Your SMS business card will turbocharge your client numbers no matter what you do.

The iPhone is now 10 years old and  ‘No one could`ve guessed just how important the iPhone would be’.  Just who would have thought then about the massive impact of the mobile phone on life today? ….  And what expanded uses will we see in the future?


Click here … SMS Cards work best on Mobile phones  simply by sharing a phone number or email! OR using the QR Reader! 

SMS Cards bring together web, social and traditional communication channels, to one simple platform that requires no installation or downloads!


Here’s what your mobile phone based ‘SMS card’ is all about: 

  • In brief, your digital card will replace your outdated business card;
  • the cardboard one we all love and are so familiar with.
  • (Old traditions never die, they just evolve. Now you can always be sure to be prepared, you will always have your SMS card with you… !)
  • The SMS card is the Swiss Army Knife of business cards.
  • It lives on your mobile phone,
  • cleverly and clearly labelled with your Brand name and Logo.
  • It`s a phone, it texts, emails, links to social media,
  • has images and videos, links to websites,
  • accepts payments via credit cards and PayPal and more…
  • It looks like an App, but its not, it`s so much easier.


What and who are the cards designed for?  The list is endless — all businesses of any size, everywhere… for entrepreneurs, as an information card, for coupon promotions, for information sharing, for last minute deals and specials, for vouchers to be redeemed. To promote flyers, events and much more.


SMS business cards are perfect for all local businesses — all local tradies – plumbers, electricians, key cutters and urgent household emergency fixers and more. Your local favourite Travel Agent, coffee shop, restaurant and take away….


“The SMS Cards are Fantastic. As an Internet professional it is important to stay ahead of the pack on technology. I am using my card consistently and have noticed the increase in referred business as a result. My card is passed on with over 30 referred calls in the last month alone. I am now promoting my card to all clients”.  B.C. 

“We suggest to our customers to stay updated, joining our alerts list. That allows us to bring them back to our SMS card or website”.  J.J. Retail.


You’ll be the only the expert provider your customers and clients will ever consider …  you are immediately accessible to them. No need to Google anyone, they just access you on their phone… it`s simply about ‘smarter people connection’.


Like everyone you`re in need of a solution without a learning curve? We understand that! You need a smarter way to be in touch. With so much competition nowadays, every prospect, contact & customer is vital?  

 Here`s an Smart Card example … My “COFFEE BUSINESS” card! ..

(where I get paid to drink coffee!)  


Like you, I wanted better paydays in my business.

It can be depressing and humiliating to have a business that`s going nowhere!

Its too expensive to market on Google and Facebook etc.

Now we have you covered!

Pass on your card as much as possible, then promote to your mob.


Cards are great as….

— a presentation card, as a social or sporting club news hub, an enthusiasts card, as a hobby club card, as a regime card, for artists, entertainers, musicians and more.


— are perfect for retail, real estate, coffee shops and restaurants, lawyers, architects, dentists, architects, supermarkets, sole traders, physiotherapists, gyms, fitness classes and health clubs, coaches and more.


The ‘sms card’ is perfect for Internet marketers, direct and affiliate marketers, network marketers, multi-level marketers, for promoting and advertising webinars … the list of  promoting possibilities goes on and on! —


“The SMS Card is in use in our business across various departments. We promote offers and incentives, with cards updated weekly…….  Clients can refer to family and friend easily and we are benefitting from the advantages in bringing together our web, contact details, offers and social media in a single, easy to use package. We love the fact that there is no installation and it`s simplicity”.  —  C.P.- Most Awarded in our industry.

“We are using the SMS Cards as business cards throughout our multiple locations and phone team. This is proving an extremely valuable asset to our business and illustrates that we are leading our field in advancements. I only wish we had it years ago”. — A.K. Retail


Be unique– Connect, Stand Out — CLICK HERE FOR SMS Card … now?

“The SMS Card is brilliant. We have the latest videos promoting our product, making sharing and providing brochures and downloads absolutely simple and immediate”. — S.G.


“I pass on my card with shorts of film and productions to investors investing in our vertical. It is an absolute game changer. I LOVE IT”. — B. H. Film Industry.


“My business constantly has stands at events and expos. Using the SMS card we can easily capture customer details while providing engaging product informercials and business information immediately. The best, easy to use business tool we have ever seen”. — D.M. Building Industry


The SMS Card platform is such a simple and smart way to get and stay connected. And feeling pretty certain that all of your messages are getting into the hands of your market.


ALL business operators are anxious to get more leads, more conversions and more sales? Businesses need to expand, need a bigger mailing list, need more exposure to more people! The sms card is so easily passed on from person to person.


You have a team, a sales team, a group, a networking team … just duplicate your top card! How easy is it to duplicate and now get the very same consistent message out there?  So uncomplicated!!  



Your customers, prospects and referrals no longer need to search Google for your business details, only to become exposed to your competitors advertising! No way!  


Now, you might be wondering about the cost of this investment? 

— You can get the Free version

— the $4.95 a month version

— and there`s the cost effective business version for larger businesses … your investment on request please?

 And we`ll  ‘Set Up your card for you’ — for a low one time fee of $29.

Remarkably low cost, remarkable effective!


Need More Proof? 

“I was at my son`s football match when another father asked me for a card. As I had my phone with me it was no problem”. — D.M. Motor Industry


“We use the SMS Card amongst our soccer team to assist supporters to make donations, view our map of our next game, or pass around videos of great plays. We now have a number of cards in circulation, promoting our team. Most of the parents of friends of the players, targeting specific players, almost like Sports Cards used to do. They are fantastic. Everyone links to their Facebook etc to then further engage and discuss. But the SMS cards are the essential hub that brings it all together. We love the SMS” Supporters Cards. — B.S. Soccer Club



“COFFEE BUSINESS” card! ..where I get paid to drink coffee!  See HERE!

Yes! — SMS Cards bring together web, social and traditional communication channels, to one simple platform that requires no installation or downloads!

  • Obviously, it’s perfect for all businesses, local, city-based, international, government, educational —
  • In any business where the personal relationships are truly valued —
  • Where you know that it`s much cheaper to re-market to that long term customer base so time consuming and costly to initially build. 
  • And the potential for “Referral Marketing” is a true goldmine!



It’s important to repeat…  the SMS platform not only allows you to share your incredible information  …..  BUT it also allows all of your satisfied and valued clients to refer you, to others. You will see increased results in your bank account!




Maintaining meaningful connections is ‘the hallmark of successful businesses and organisations’.

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