Is Chatting To and Listening to People the Best Way To get To Know Them?

Chat, chat, chat, chat Chat!    Most all of us love to chat?    Indeed in business, as in life…  ‘is having conversations’ the true cornerstone of who we are, our growth and our success?


No Brainer really… BUT … are we really talking to people today!  Or are we just texting, liking, tweeting and sharing etc ??? 

Should we talk more? …. face to face over a coffee …. Use Skype (doesn`t cost)


Here are five examples that will help you answer my question!

  • There are five links …
  • one text – reporting a conversation!
  • And four Videos…
  • fun for you – LOL!
  • just to enjoy!


!  Hey… and let`s talk more!  Lots to be gained!

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#1  Top Tip …  A Conversation about Friendship, Failure, and the Future!

Read the words from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett


#2   Top Tip …  A conversation between twin girls!

Identical twin girls look in each other’s eyes for the first time, have a priceless conversation


#3   Top Tip …  Animal Chat! Extraordinary!  …  Do You speak Sloth?  …. See how you go .. Click the link below!


You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Heard Baby Sloths Having A Conversation


#4   Top Tip … A man, his dog and a cat!  Just Click the Link… hilarious!

Owner Tells His Dog He Got A New Kitten. The Conversation That Follows Is Hilarious.


 #5   Top Tip … A parrot and feet!  Really! So clever!

Talkative parrot has full conversation with owner’s feet

>>  And in answer to my posed question?   

Are Conversations Really At The Cornerstone Of Best Business Practice? ……  Of Course!!  You agree?


! So Lets Talk More In Business and in LIFE. And Lets Listen more.

! In Business … It`s about  “Sales Done Simply Smarter” 👍


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Identical twin girls look in each other’s eyes for the first time, have a priceless conversation

Rumble > Funny & Cute Animals … and there`s more fun for you!  for    A man, his dog and a cat!


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