Is This Really True.. The Money Is In The List!

Is This Really True.. The Money Is In The List!… You’ve probably heard the saying, “The money is in the list.”

This is one of the most popular saying in the world of business, and it’s absolutely true. Content may be king, but the list is the Supreme Chancellor.

The fact is, having a list is far more important than having a large fan base on Facebook, a lot of traffic on your blog, or a lot of followers on Twitter.

List subscribers are people you can reach at any time. You don’t have to get them to be on Facebook, Twitter or your blog. You only have to get them to open their email, which is something most people do at least once per day.

On average, each email subscriber you get can make you approximately $1 per month. Some reports say more$ and then say less$!! That means if you have 100 subscribers, you could make $100 per month. 1,000 subscribers could make you $1,000 per month. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it’s a good general guideline. It could be less, but it could be much more depending on your niche, your offers, and how you treat your list.

What`s your experience?

Over the next period of time I want to share some of the ideas I`ve put together.!  I hope you are going going to learn about some of the biggest mistakes people make when building a list and marketing to that list, and how you can avoid making these killer mistakes in your own campaigns.

Let’s begin… with #1and #2

Mistake #1 …. Waiting to Build a List

You may think that because your website or blog is only getting a handful of visitors that you shouldn’t bother trying to build your list yet.


No matter how much traffic you have, even if it’s one visitor, it’s never too early to start trying to build your list. You never know when that one person who would buy absolutely everything you promote might come along, so it’s a good idea to get up a squeeze page and a lead magnet and start trying to gather subscribers immediately.

Let’s say you decide to wait until you are getting 1,000 unique visitors per day to start building your list. And let’s say it takes you a full year, 365 days, to reach that point. And let’s say you got an average of 100 visitors each day before that point. And let’s say that your squeeze page would have converted 10% of those people to subscribers.

10% of 100 visitors per day (10) x 365 days = 3,650 subscribers

Remember how I mentioned that the average subscriber is worth $1 per month? That’s $3,650 per month worth of income you could be missing out on! This is just a simple example, but you can see my point, right?

Mistake #2… Bad Lead Magnets

A lead magnet, in case you’re not aware, is whatever you’re giving away as an incentive to get people to join your list. This might be a free video, a report, an eBook, a multi-day email course, or perhaps just a free coupon or discount offer.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they can throw together a 5-page report that offers very little real value. While it may work to get people to join your list, it isn’t going to benefit you much for the long term.

Why?   Because your lead magnet isn’t only to get people to join your list. It’s also a preview of what you know. It’s a preview of what kind of valuable things you might offer in the future. It lets people know you’re an expert in your field.

Your lead magnet should actually be of such high quality that people would be willing to pay for it. The higher the quality, the more people will want to buy whatever you offer for sale later, because they will automatically think, “If the freebie is this great, the paid stuff must be freaking incredible!”

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