Is your Conventional Goal Setting Causing You More Harm

Is your Conventional Goal Setting Causing You More Harm? And how do you know and what will you do about it!

Each one of us has a goal in life!

We have different goals, depending on individual or personal preferences, dreams and ambitions in life!

But do you realize that if you do it all wrong, your goals can actually harm you?

Goal setting is not a simple decision as many of your future activities are going to be centered around the goals you have set.

Remember that sensible goal setting is about great concentration and emphasis and having a “daily renewed intention”.  Or else you will n ot be successful!!!

You need to put down your goals on worksheets and work towards them.

Keep reading to know how your conventional goal setting can actually harm you.


NB::: Just another point of view!!  (from the $$ making business on Internet Marketing). I have no connection with him nor his business interests!  I do not endorse any of his business connections.

This is just another POV about Goal Setting.


         Sensible Setting goal needs your emphasis and concentration. Establishing your goals worksheet need to have five disorders that need to be worked into your objectives. Well ready and also concentrated …

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