Jobs Myths – Busted By Dirtiest Man On TV

Blue Color Jobs Myths – Busted By Dirtiest Man On TV

 I always admired Mike Rowe, for his amazing vibrant energy, his positivism and his way of living and working better. Another reason to stay glued to the dirtiest Man on TV.

Now, one of his best works- the way he dispels all myths related to skilled trade jobs. The way he talks about the rewards, benefits and opportunities provided by blue color careers is truly mesmerizing.

I too felt that there are no good jobs left in America. Where are the jobs – I often said to myself.

Another belief I had was the lack of opportunities for women in trades. Women often feel negative and believing that they do not have enough opportunities in some trade, which is completely a myth. These were some of the myths which were indeed baseless but which keep us away from trying out opportunities.

These are self created obstacles which cause a hindrance in our career path. The amazing explanations offered by Mike show his great thinking ability, his vision clarity, and focus.

How true it is – Jobs are not supposed to come to us. We need to go to them. Have you ever thought this way when you wondered why there are no jobs in America?

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Every once in a while, we come across someone – either in the media, on TV or YouTube, or right next door – who captivates our attention because of their passion and love for what they’re doing. They radiate excitement about the possibilities, enthusiasm for life and what they’re focused on and learning, and a deep commitment to helping others create more success (and fulfillment) doing work they love.

Mike Rowe (Courtesy of mikeroweWORKS Foundation)

Mike Rowe (Courtesy of mikeroweWORKS Foundation) 


>>> Keep reading more to learn how Mike is all set to make a difference and how we need to understand some basics.

Youngsters should meet Mike, read his interviews and keep in touch with this amazing personality for inspiration and motivation to excel and do better in life.

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Thank you Forbes, for bringing us the interesting article on Mike. This makes an inspiring read!

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