Mind Stuff, How Positive Psychology Can Help Deepen Your Faith

Mind stuff, how positive psychology can help deepen your faith and personal strength and happiness!

A few years back, I was fortunate to be at a conference in Sydney, “Happiness and It`s Causes” at which Martin Seligman spoke, in fact he was the keynote speaker. I was familiar with Martin`s work, having read a number of his books and completed an online course.  Mind stuff is  about how positive psychology helps to dramatically deepen faith and personal belief. It builds personal strength, personal power and ‘happiness’!

As a school teacher, Principal and Life Coach and now business entrepreneur, I have always been inspired by people of Martin`s ilk. But Martin Seligman added a significant new viewpoint about how positive psychology fits into the education system, the business world and into everyday people`s lives.

Optimism rather than pessimism! How my days became so much richer when I have an ‘intention’ at the beginning of the day to filter experiences in such a positive way!

“The inside stuff” is calmer, less volatile, better perspective is added to problems .. the day is just better!

Indeed the name of the conference “Happiness and It`s Causes” got quite a few laughs from my colleagues and friends as I remember! Smirks and cynical comments were common place! “you`re going to a conference on HAPPINESS!”

In the conference, there was a brief but significant discussion on what might have been an alternative conference title. Suggestions included, as I remember … ‘Suicide Prevention’, ‘Depression Causes and What to Do About It and “Fear From Poor Parenting”.

I`ve made up these titles, since I can`t remember the exact ones. My point however is this!  Would these titles have been met with smirks and cynical comments?  Or would there have been almost total acceptance? Because that was the world …then!


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Martin Seligman’s recasting of psychology opened up a flourishing new field that focused on optimism rather than helplessness, signature strengths rather than pathology, and growth in happiness rather than depression.

How positive psychology can help is obvious now to many. Being optimistic and being around optimistic people is such a nice experience. And it`s so good for us … physically, emotionally, how we think, spiritually.

>>> Our consciousness is at a different level!  We interact with our world   …. better?


We, the human race, have come a long way in a short time, but still have a long way to go!!

About this blog …. til recent days was titled “Personal Development Buzz”.

I reckon “It`s The Inside Stuff” is far more appropriate title?  What do you say?

After all it is what`s inside us, mind and thinking, heart and emotions, physical well-being that so contributes to who we are on a day to day basis?  And so much more!

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Question:  So what is real happiness? How can you experience it?

How can you live it? Every thoughtful person asks such questions.

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