Mindset, Mechanics, Money … Three Focus Points To Achieve Biz Success.


What are the three things that we need to focus on when we build a business?  Hard question! But there are hundreds of things that need attention, I hear you say.  My top 3 are “Mindset, Mechanics and Money… Three focus points to achieve business success”


In brief, let`s look at just one aspect of ‘MINDSET’?     Lets look at “Obsession”.

Obsession by definition is … and you take your pick. What does obsession mean to you?

  • compulsion
  • delusion
  • enthusiasm
  • fascination
  • infatuation
  • mania
  • passion
  • phobia
  • preoccupation
  • attraction
  • case
  • complex
  • craze
  • crush
  • fancy
  • fetish


Obsession towards Success

Who do we all know who has this mindset?  … ‘obsession’ 

“Obsession” —  Whether it be Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates or other hugely successful luminaries.  Their almost 24 hour a day attention to achieving their ‘big hairy audacious goal’ has been observed and talked about so much. WE know their names, their businesses and we are ‘green and admire’ their stuff.


‘Mindset, Mechanics, Money’…. we need and want all 3!

Their mindset is not willing to let go until success is achieved. Failure after failure after failure …. then SUCCESS!   Gutsy isn`t it.   I`d like a bit more of that energy!!

How about you, what do you consider when you see or read about their successes? 


I was really motivated to share this with you, after I read an article by a colleague and alliance member of mine;  David Scott Lofthouse`s. (The link to his whole article is below.  And I thank him for the permission to share this with you).


alliance group


Here is a brief exert …..

Steve Jobs was legendary for it. Elon Musk nearly went broke for it. Jeff Bezos practically owns the Internet because of it. 

What does it take to make a huge mark in the world of business or technology? To join the ranks of Elon Musk or Richard Branson? What quality is required to ride out the losses and setbacks and accomplish what you are trying to accomplish?

There are countless articles on the Internet that talk about the “habits of highly effective people” or the common denominator of all billionaires. This article isn’t about a set of habits.

If you have a desire to be that class of entrepreneur, you will know after reading this article that there is no “how-to” answer on the Internet or anywhere else. It’s simpler (and a whole lot harder) than that.

  • Again thanks to David Lofthouse for allowing me to publish this.
  • See link to full article below!


NB: David and I are members of ‘The Online Alliance’.  We are a community of supporting entrepreneurs.  We work together in numerous ways to help all in the Alliance become more successful in our own independent businesses.


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