My Business Consumes My Time……… I Need A Holiday

How many times have you said this? My Business Consumes My Time, I Need A Holiday!!! …

Question…   Do you believe in KARMA?  … here`s positive pay back time.

Yes, I know, you`ve said this about as many as many times as have I!  So why haven`t you taken a break? When will you take a break?  Where are you going?  Who is going with you?

Who will look after your business? Will your business go with you in your laptop?

Will it really be the rest you want? …. or will you be worrying about whether you can afford it all!

 >> Would you like to save some dollars on your travel costs?

Save a Little or Save a Lot…. I Love To Travel On A Budget!

— 3 nights in Auckland, New Zealand, 13-16 April 2017 – Public Price $617 – Total, with tax $437 AUD Savings $180

— 7 nights in Miami, USA, 18-25 April 2017…  Public Price  $1988 – Total,  with tax $1301AUD….   Savings  $687


— 7 nights in Barcelona, Spain, 8-15 May 2017…  Public Price $1812 – Total, with tax $1364 AUD …  Savings  $448 ….  

— 5 nights in Bangkok, Thailand, 2-7 May 2017…  Public Price $1139 – Total, with tax $676 AUD….  Savings  $463…. (examples as at 31st March ’17)


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To a restful, planned, lower cost holiday… and book the Needed Holiday… with savings! 



Save a Little … Save a Lot !