My Moral Bucket List – Way To Achieve Goodness

My Moral Bucket List – The Way To Achieve Goodness is to treat people with respect and reverence.

How often have you met someone who changed the way you feel? The person can be anyone, someone you met at a party or in the train – but the person made you feel good.

These people generally listen to you, they make you feel good and they radiate an inner light. Whenever we come across any such person, we instantly feel positive. The person brightens our day – I often wonder, what makes such a person different?

I realize it’s the goodness of the soul. Some kind of moral adventure perhaps brings about such a goodness of the soul. Life has to be better balanced to achieve such a goodness.


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ABOUT once a month I run across a person who radiates an inner light. These people can be in any walk of life. They seem deeply good. They listen well. They make you feel funny and valued. You often catch them looking after other people and as they do so their laugh is musical and their manner is infused with gratitude. They are not thinking about what wonderful work they are doing. They are not thinking about themselves at all.

When I meet such a person it brightens my whole day. But I confess I often have a sadder thought: It occurs to me that I’ve achieved a decent level of career success, but I have not achieved that. I have not achieved that generosity of spirit, or that depth of character.


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