New Facebook Strategy In 2021-Retargeting Machine Special Discount

This “Retargeting Machine Special Discount” offer consists of a proven set of strategies and action steps to maximize your retargeting profits.


While retargeting itself isn’t anything new, I guarantee that the way it is presented is completely different (and more profitable!) than anything you or your subscribers have seen before!

You will learn how to plan and execute retargeting campaigns that earn 4-5x the profits of regular retargeting campaigns.


One of my marketing colleagues turned $1,151 into $7,955 using this strategy…

…and since then he has scaled his campaigns multiple times to over 50k in ad spend. (yes, a very big spender)!

I believe this is the easiest strategy on Facebook to get you new customers, and profitably…so why not take a look at, and advantage of this Retargeting Machine Special Discount!


But there’s a catch.

This is NOT a new strategy. It’s NOT a shiny object. It’s NOT very sexy either.

And that’s precisely why most business owners and marketers overlook it.

Yet, it works.

It works just “good enough” for most people.

But this Machine works brilliantly in the right hands!

If you’re in the top 0.01 percent of digital marketers, you might have already realized that doing retargeting ads is a must to ensure you get top returns.

  • This type of ad was all the rage so many years ago and it’s a lost art nowadays!
  • Now, don’t get me wrong.
  • A lot of marketers are still using retargeting ads on Facebook and most of them are getting good returns for their effort.


Yet, “good is the enemy of great”.

The majority of marketers get “good enough” results from their retargeting ads while probably losing money or hardly breaking even on their cold ads…

As a result, they put all their efforts into optimizing cold ads while using the same-old strategies for warm ads (i.e. r………. ads).


So one of my marketing friends, Wilco de Kreij, asked himself whether he could turn already good retargeting campaigns into highly profitable campaigns.


He broke down everything from setting up retargeting campaigns…

… to which types of ad copy works the best for him…

… to how the pixel optimizes.


After detailed analysis and optimization, and use of, he got a 6.91x ROI from one of his “upgraded” campaigns.


And that was just a start — click here to get the full story…


This is the reason why I`ve decided to double down on Facebook ads, while most of my online marketing friends are thinking about pivoting to YouTube ads.

Retargeting is the low-hanging fruit that most marketers overlook…

Yet it’s very easy to squeeze even more from it when you follow Wilco’s tested and proven strategies, tactics, and ad templates.

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“It’ll change the way you look at Facebook Ads and how you evaluate the results of your campaigns”.

This is a rare opportunity for you to pick Wilco’s brain on running profitable retargeting campaigns…

Here are the bonuses on offer!  Here`s what you’ll get if you decide to purchase.

  • The “Retargeting Machine” Playbook
    • In-Depth Video Training
    • 7-Day Execution Checklist
    • Interactive Mindmap
    • Case Studies
  • Bonus 1: 10 “Retargeting Ad” Templates
    • Fill-In-The-Blanks Ad Templates
    • Video Instructions
    • Examples
  • Bonus 2: “Audience Building Machine” Course
  • Bonus 3: “Email Retargeting Machine” Course
  • Bonus 4: “15 ROI Boosters for Facebook Ads” Masterclass


Plus, you’ll be getting all this for a very reasonable price point (you have to see it for yourself…)

PS:  Please note …

Your Retargeting Machine Special Discount goes away at the end of January…

So you have to act now to get immediate access to the Retargeting Machine, ad templates, and all the bonuses…


So check it out while it’s still fresh on your mind…

  • Proven, ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ ad templates that work in EVERY niche at no extra cost!
  • Audience Building Machine: Mini-course on the psychology of creating a responsive audience that eagerly anticipates and snap up your offers on the spot
  • Email Retargeting Machine: lower your ad costs and maximize your results by leveraging your email list using my proven strategies


I think all this value adds up to an irresistible offer at a very reasonable $47 price point!


All the best

Rob Ryan