PD Accounts For 80% of Business Success

80% of Business Success and I have to focus on PD (personal development)! You have got to be joking!  What about my business growth?

Business is essentially about personal relationships. This statement is hardly new, but let me highlight a couple of instances that I`m sure you’ll be familiar with.

First, as a shopper, there`s nothing worse than being ignored or than being given short shrift, or than being treated in a disrespectful manner when you`re out on the town ready to spend your hard earned.

Next, working in any organisation can be just superb when you and all your fellow workers are treated equally; when your efforts are valued, when the workplace is free of harassment and when there are no favorites and no bullying. Personal relationships are fostered and valued.


As a leader in large schools and now in the business world, I always approach colleagues and new clients with respect. Have I always been successful? No! So my plan has been to have a continuing learning plan in place. I read books, attend conferences and workshops and enable people in my organizations to have access to different learning.

PD is always a priority!

Below you can read  about one of my heroes, Jim Rohn. You will find his leadership of great value both personally and in your work place.

Unless you change how you are, you’ll always have what you’ve got.

We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation. Well, the late Jim Rohn aimed for the inspiration, always emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility for self-improvement and showing people how to reach for bigger, better lives.

Who inspired him? His mentor, Earl Shoaff, who told him this: If you want to be wealthy and happy, learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

And so began Jim Rohn’s belief in the importance of self-improvement. In his classic book, 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness, Jim Rohn wrote an essay entitled “The Miracle of Personal Development”  …..

This book has inspired millions to  lead a more fulfilled life.

You can access more about Jim Rohn by clicking on this link now.

And good luck on your new journey!