Review: “Social Media Lookup System”-Smartest System For Pro Sales Leads & Home Business Leads


“Social Media Lookup System” – it`s about Making Sales!  The smart & savvy biz owner will quickly see value here!  You will very soon generate leads like a pro! … You will find the best pro business people to connect with. … You will find the best people in home business leads …  You will quickly benefit and make those highly focussed sales!

Launch date: Late March, 2018.

Just imagine sitting down in your comfortable chair, drinking your coffee!  You power up your “Social Media Lookup System”.   Just imagine! you`re skyrocketing the numbers of business leads! …  Discriminate those golden leads from the rest!   And all so simply done from the comfort of your home or office! This will be the perfect fit for you, for your sales team, for your business!

  • You choose only the best leads/prospects available.
  • You only select leads/individuals who already have the right skills and experiences.
  • You select only leads/people who have already demonstrated commitment and drive.
  • You are in complete charge of your lead selection!

>> This ‘Advanced Internet Intelligence’ technology generates ‘quality leads’!

  I`m so impressed with the information I can now access about potential clientsI  The Social Media Lookup System (SMLS) software serves up massive amounts of information, just by entering an email address …. (you`ll need to watch the video below)

The SMLS is simple to understand, easy and fun to use! (And full, in depth training is included).

—  It`s new! It`s groundbreaking!  And importantly it`s saving me time!

>  “The Social Media Lookup System” uses social media intelligence and other data bases to provide me comprehensive information.

>  It`s rightly and affectionately called ‘Advanced Internet Intelligence’.

>>  One click tells me whether the person/lead/prospect has any active Social Media accounts … LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter etc….

>>  and much more! …..  you`ll need to watch a video below, OK?



So  …..  I invite you to find out more? There`s a personal pathway for you below…

>>> If you are into any Sales business and want to be a complete Sales Professional watch this video >>



>> If you are in Direct Sales, Network Marketing and want to really thrive watch this video >>






Who is the Social Media Lookup System designed for?  Why would you test drive this?

> It`s designed to help people in any sort of Sales Biz. It`s for sales professionals, direct sales people, network marketers, affiliate marketers, coaches and many others.

> You will quickly see how the ‘Social Media LookUp System’ cost-effectively generates quality leads. You easily identify and connect with ONLY ideal leads, not poorer quality leads.

> You will save and optimise your time, then set about building strong and long-lasting relationships with those leads only.

> Your advantage is you have much more time to build trusting relationships. 

>> Why not check this out?

— Become a Professional Lead Generator! …. become a Sales Pro!

                         Power to ALL Businesses Involved in Any Sales Arena!                                                                   Check Out ‘Social Media  LookUp System’


How does SMLS work?

— You just need an email address or (? need to watch our video).  Plug it into the software and for the first time, you will access significant amounts of data.  Then ask yourself … Is this the person I really want to connect with?  Will this person be a good fit for me and my business? Will this be a person I can build a great relationship with?

Note:   “Social Media Lookup System” will identify your top quality leads.

  1. Don`t waste time on poor leads. Identified the poor ones and discard them – do not waste time!
  2. This technology is groundbreaking because it creates time! 
  3. You make the decision who you work with! … not some third party!
  4. Connect only with your preferred clients!   


> Imagine doing all this while you`re sitting back drinking your coffee!  

> Simply great for the savvy marketer!


More ….  “Social Media Lookup System” enables you to rank your best prospects, give them priority attention. Create a short list.  The short list becomes your exclusive leads, your exclusive home based business leads, your pro sales leads! The leads much more likely to beome buyers.

Great advantage I`d say!


SUMMARY:  With ‘Social Media Lookup System ‘you are in complete control of who you work with. YOU pick those ideal customers, clients, buyers, affiliates, team members, partner producers, people you coach, referral partners … whatever your niche, small or large.

  1. You will become super, critically efficient, more effective!
  2. You will confidently approach selling, well armed with information about prospects.
  3. The data, when well used, gives you time! … puts you in prime position to connect and engage!


Bonus: You get a Free ‘Contact Management System’ designed specifically!

And I suggest this is probably the most user friendly Contact Management System I`ve seen and used.


Compare “Social Media Lookup”  to other lead generation methods?  

  1. Do you get high quality leads?
  2. Can you target individual prospects?
  3. Are you in charge of the leads/prospects/clients you want to work with?
  4. How time efficient are those systems?
  5. Are those systems cost effective?
  6. Are you happy/disappointed/other with the quality of leads/customers/clients you get now?

Do other lead systems feel a bit like throwing spaghetti at a wall; you wait to see what sticks!

Power to those who want to become Sales Pros, Direct Sales Industry Masters, Networker Marketers Gold Members,in any Company – Check IT Out!

 Quote worth quoting:      “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”.  Buckminster Fuller.


>> Simply put …. “Social Media Lookup System” is a real game changer. You have never seen anything like this before! 


Want to know more?

>>> If you are in Biz Sales and want to be a Real Sales Pro watch this video >>



>> If you are in Direct Sales, Network Marketing watch this video >>



>>> Hey even watch both?

  • SMLS is designed for anyone and everyone
  • get fully engaged in selling products or services
  • be highly productive!


Verdict:  “Social Media Lookup System” – is the system to generate professional sales leads & home business leads.  Simply put, SMLS will save you time and money!  You will generate quality leads, easily identify and connect with your ideal prospects, have time to build strong and long-lasting relationships with them…. then sell them your products or services.  

Sound too good to be true? Mmmm!



About Brett Rademacher: He is a Sales PRO, Chief Guru/Systems Architect of the “Social Media Lookup System”.  Brett is a proven 7 Figure income earner in the Sales arena.

Brett describes ‘his baby’ as …. “a sophisticated system, which is a combination of both high-tech and soft touch”.


> Rob Ryan is a Master Pro Coach with SMLS and may derive benefit from sales.

Rob Ryan


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