Smart Business People Are Grabbing This Biz Op Now!

“Smart Business People Are Grabbing This Energy Biz Op Now!”

You have the opportunity to bring wealth and abundance into your life and to contribute to the better use of energy on our planet!   We are a unique and differentiated opportunity!  As an entrepreneur you will have the potential to build a highly profitable monthly income from both the business opportunity aspect and from people who join you as cleaner energy consumers. Yes! Smart business people are grabbing this energy biz op now  … it`s the right time!


Your Goal would be to promote the business opportunity.  Also to grow a consumer base to people who would prefer sustainable energy use … ie to households, to medium sized businesses and to small businesses. The compensation plan has a rewarding, strong residual payment structure.


>> Right now!  ‘First Mover Advantage’ .. $99 business Start-up cost … is truly remarkable!  You`re invited to take advantage of  the low business start-up entry cost!   Contact Energy Business Associate Rob Ryan here. 



Why join an Energy Business opportunity?  .. #1 Richest Business Owner (2015 Forbes)   “Cheaper energy that’s environmentally friendly COULD CREATE THE NEXT BILL GATES”.    >> quote Bill Gates –Town Hall Meeting at Columbia University.


We are Viridian Energy.  Simply right, affordable and responsible energy.   




Our mission is to provide Eco-minded entrepreneurs and customers on both ends of the planet with the opportunity to build thriving businesses and generate sustainable incomes, all while helping the planet.

“Viridian is thrilled to bring a unique and differentiated opportunity to the more than 400,000 direct sellers already engaged in network marketing in Australia,” said Cami Boehme, Chief Strategy Officer, Viridian Energy.

“…. Australian network marketers .. offer services today, we look forward to helping Aussies embrace the potential of service-based direct selling, today the fastest-growing segment of U.S. network marketing.”

Viridian Energy, one of America’s leading providers of affordable, responsible energy, today announced that the company has begun work to expand its vibrant network of more than 22,000 Independent Associates to sustainability-minded entrepreneurs in Australia.

We aim to be in the affordable cost range and we aim to be 50% environmentally friendly

Your questions answered about the biz op and …

  1. Already 11 million+ Australian households have the product already in use. They now pay month on month and year on year.
  2. Already 125 million+ American households use energy now.
  3. How many medium and small businesses are there in America and Australia who would be very keen to use more sustainable energy?
  4. There`s no new products to sell to your customers that they do not want.
  5. 23,000 associates and 250,000,000 customers are already with Viridian Energy. And we`re growing!
  6. Our Company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (USA)
  7. We are ranked #53 Direct Selling Worldwide in 2015
  8. Would you rather focus in the eco-friendly business industry or another company that sells juices or pills or creams and lotions?

Since 2009, Viridian customers have avoided more than seven billion pounds of harmful CO2 emissions through the use of the company’s affordable, responsible energy products …. Viridian offers affordable electricity that is …  50% renewable, ….  in 19 markets throughout the United States.


#2 Richest Business Owner (2015 Forbes) …

Contact Energy Company Business Associate Rob Ryan here for the information you NEED to start your business.

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