Strategies and Management Structures For Local Business

We help local business, small businesses, contractors, and all types of entrepreneurs build a “life biz” so they can earn 6 figures a year working way less than in a J.O.B!   We emphasize the importance of focus on strategies and management structures essential for local small business.




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At ‘Small Business Chronicles’ we know how hard it is to establish, to run, to be progressive in running a business.  We know how it`s quite easy to fail!  We know that there are many pitfalls, many bumps in the road to business success. We`ve had lots of company of those who have also failed.


So, “Small Business Chronicles” aims

  • to share Current News,
  • to share Breakthrough Thinking from the minds of top leaders.
  • to share tried and true business systems and processes that have been proven to work.
  • We have products and services which aim to keep entrepreneurs on a continual learning curve.
  • We have systems and processes which keep the business of business “simple”.
  • We aim not to share products and services that fall into the category of “shiny objects category”.


In brief, we emphasize strategies and management structures essential for local small business. Building a customer or client base can be done relatively simply and at a reasonable cost.

Having a consistent growth of new customers is essential!

A customer and client acquisition growth programs for local businesses. People will become more aware of your business` services and products. You will be found when people need you. And we strongly recommend a referral business approach; your satisfied customers promoting your great business is likely the very best marketing you can do. And we have the ideal for referral marketing.


Yes, time is a precious commodity in our lives, it`s crazy hard to run a business and to have a precious life where we create a living style full of enjoyment, love, and adventure.

We further acknowledge that entrepreneurship is very, very different from having a job. A job is 35, 40 or 60 hours a week. Establishing a business which you can work at for way fewer hours than ‘those J.O.B.S.’ is initially a hard slog, but it needs to end up as say a 3 or 4 days a week of loving activity that brings in a six-figure income.

>  Yes we all want to work less and earn more.

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About our business offers…     You may be a great fit for what we have to offer.


You no doubt want to work less and earn more and get to make money faster because you have the right tools, technology, and resources.

We offer training and mentoring. (80% of coached people are more successful).

‘Done for you’ systems, processes, and programs are a relaxed way to go.

We use a comprehensive world-class business management system where all the tools you need are already fully integrated and are used by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world?

We know that a non-pressure environment is really important.  It`s good for everyone, in particular for new people. You get to learn at your own pace.

You can join for FREE, then simply purchase or upgrade when you need more capacity or features? And we have no contracts that lock you in!

How does this sound? If things go wrong or you need special help, we are here to reduce your stress and make your life easier.

We offer Affiliate Programs. You could make a substantial Income by marketing our products and services to others. Once registered you can also earn additional income via or Low, Mid & High Ticket Affiliate Partners’ Programs.

If you have any experience in affiliate selling or network marketing then this extra program will likely be very attractive to you.

> Our Offer to you is here …  Click to have a look    “SupaClix”

NB:  The offer also includes integrated systems for…

  • Lead Capture and Conversion
  • Instant Marketing Funnels
  • Custom Wordpress Websites
  • Lead Customer management
  • Email System and Autoresponders
  • Traffic and Lead Generation systems and processes.
  • Financial planning related only on how to reach your Target Income over time.
  • and more

>  ‘Small Business Chronicles’ and ‘SupaClix’ are about helping entrepreneurs build profitable businesses in today`s economy!


> Just these final words…

Are YOU a Great Fit for what we have to offer?  And do you feel there are advantages here for you?



And Welcome To “SupaClix”.


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NB: Get to know about Small Business Chronicles and our services by clicking HERE.

Acknowledgment to Image and great advice to Robert Kiyosaki.  Thanks!