Succeeding Marketers Ideas And Tips In 2021

Welcome to Small Business Chronicles!   Like most marketers, I`ve reviewed and updated my business offerings for this year.

My focus on looking ahead is to see more succeeding marketers by offering ideas and tips throughout 2021.

I wish you well and keep safe!



‘Succeeding Marketers Ideas And Tips’

In 2021 has a twofold focus!


First … ‘how best to offer help so that businesses could best have a strong presence and a voice in the digital world’?  All to do with Website setup, Content Marketing, Images Marketing, easy access to a vault of images, and of course Marketing with Video!


Second… ‘how to help people make more income, either as their primary source or as an extra source of income’?  About Affiliate Marketing and Making Money Ideas











All businesses need one if not more functional websites; over 80% of users worldwide choose to use WordPress.

To help setup websites I have a brand new “WP Rapid Start Plugin”.  This comprehensive plugin will enable you to have a website set up in a very short time. You can see more by clicking this link.

Check out by clicking now  “WP Rapid Start Plugin”. 


Image Marketing:

On searching the Internet, I found a brilliant new product that gives entrepreneurs access to the simplest, smartest, time-saving way of adding FREE images to enhance your website.

This product is spectacularly better than others. It uses a ‘Drag and Drop’ technology. In simple terms this means no more having to upload then download images – you “just drag`n drop” an image from the vault and put it on your site.

NB: The vault of images is just enormous. It will meet all needs; specifically, it will support ‘the professional marketer’!


Succeeding Marketers Ideas And Tips In 2021 will be my endeavor to support those to have the best websites with multiple images, quality content enhanced with short, sharp video messages. 


Video for Marketing:

We all know that there is an enormous number of video marketing tools. The question is how to choose!

There is a real standout in my eyes. “VidBullet” has been on the market for a number of years. It is simple to use. You are in complete charge of constructing a video. Simple, straight forward system.

  • Choose from templates
  • add images,
  • add text.
  • upload
  • rendered in super quick time.
  • add music backgrounds and voice-overs.

Click here to find out more. VidBullet has a 30-day money-back guarantee











Content Marketing:

Essential to get your message out to your customers, to your tribe. Yet is time-consuming if you always have to write your own. And expensive to outsource.

Many people frown at using content spinners; yes some spinners are very poor.

‘SpinRewriter’ has been on the market for over 11 years, is used by hundreds of thousands of people. Over the years it has gone through many iterations, building better technology. I believe it is the very best option amongst its competitors.

You can try ‘SpinRewriter’  on a Free trial by clicking Here.



Business Plans:













 ‘Affiliate Marketing Review’ and How to Make Money Online’ are business opportunities available to people. There are literally thousands on offer every day.

I’ve reviewed many, selected a relatively small number of high-quality options and ideas. I’ve arranged these on two websites. You can see these below or on the top or side menus on this website.


Mind Matters:  I have an intention to regularly post articles on this topic. Our “better well-being” is so crucial to enable our quality presence and contributions to the world. I will write about progressive actions we can all consider.


Thanks for visiting Small Business Chronicles. I wish you great success. Keep safe in 2021!

Succeeding Marketers Ideas And Tips In 2021 will be my endeavor to support those to have the best websites with multiple images, quality content enhanced with short, sharp video messages. 

NB: Any sales of my product or others` products will earn me commissions.