THE #1 Most Profitable Traffic Is Affiliate Traffic

Did you know THE #1 most profitable traffic is Affiliate Traffic?  It’s NOT Google, YouTube, or Facebook…

Let me explain to you why this is so.  I’m not talking about being the affiliate (although that can work too).

I’m talking about being the PRODUCT OWNER who RECEIVES the affiliate traffic.

So affiliates send traffic to YOUR PRODUCT, because…

• If the affiliate makes a sale, they get a commission (and keep on promoting you).

• They don’t make a sale? No problem! It’s risk-free so you don’t pay them anything

• Best of all, this traffic is super high quality – often $1 to $3 per click…


Case in point…  What Does “Surprise Buyer Traffic” Look Like?

“Look, I can get lots of passive traffic when I promote to affiliates”. And I`m just a small promoter right now.  Imagine if I had a larger list!

Imagine you had numerous affiliates promoting your own products!

Please note: Once affiliates send traffic to any and all of your products, these people, buyers OR not … then you win … these names are on your list for as long as you wish to sell and promote products to them! You have solved your biggest problem … about traffic certainty!

Let me share a story with you from my mentor and creator of this product, Chris.

I was surprised to see, that an affiliate just started promoting…

And is now sending over 1,300 clicks a day to my site.

My traffic went from 700 clicks to 2000 clicks per day…

And I didn’t even notice!

And… this is just from one of my websites… on one random week…

Because this happens all the time – without me even noticing!

In fact, I’ve made six to seven figures – every year…

From this type of “surprise” buyer traffic…

So how do you get this affiliate buyer traffic?

Well, it’s very doable…


But, there are 3x FIRM requirements…

1. You need a high-converting sales website.

You too will need sites that also convert extremely well for affiliates…

So whatever you’re selling, you’ll want one of the sites that (Chris) promotes and that I`m starting to use right now.

Tip: You don`t clone or copy others’ highly successful sites, you “remix” other people’s sites so quickly creating and building your own…

That way you know your sales site will convert like crazy! And…

2. You need to sell your own digital product, ideally software.

Digital products are very high-margin.

They take time to build – but after that, it’s ALL profit.

Whether you sell 100 or 1,000, it doesn’t cost you a penny more.

That means you can offer huge commissions to your affiliates – 50-75%.

Sounds generous, but your affiliates are doing ALL the hard work.

You literally won’t even notice if your sales jump from 5 sales a day to 10x a day.

(And support is low with these types of sites, so your inbox won’t notice either!)

3. Lastly, you need to know where to get the traffic.

Now your site is live and selling your software product.

So it’s time to start getting visitors and sales…

The good news is: that affiliates do this for us! And…

The great news is, that we don’t “recruit” affiliates.

At least not in the sense of going to conferences, schmoozing, etc…

That stuff is degrading to the soul, and it’s inefficient anyway!

Instead, you just post your link in a few places, where I know there are 10,000+ affiliates every month.

Each week, a few affiliates will grab your link and start sending you risk-free buyer traffic!

The ones who make sales keep sending, and the snowball builds!

Now I know what you’re thinking…







You are possibly thinking something like this …

“Sounds good, Rob and Chris. But how on earth can I get this type of traffic?”


“Surely, I need a sales letter website… selling my own software product… and then I need to know where to post my links?”


“Isn’t this going to take me 6 months and $10k to set everything up – before I can even think of getting this type of buyer traffic?”


Chris says You could have it ALL set up before the end of the week

It sounds like a magical pipe dream, but it’s actually happening for a handful of your peers right now.

That’s because they just joined Remixable, which recently went live with our “lowest ever” pricing.




It took Chris over $100k to build this software suite, and it has one goal:

To let average people create profitable websites… sell their own software products…and get buyer traffic…

And do it with 1/10,000 of the usual cost and effort.

This is the ONLY way for you to get affiliate buyer traffic like Chris…

And the traffic is just 1/11th of the package you’ll get when you join us here today

So, if you have a spare few hours this week, think:

“Instead of watching Netflix, why don’t I(Chris) build you an entirely new online business selling my own software…”

Then turn off the TV, close down social media, and hit this link:

Click Here – Sell Your Own Digital Product, So You Can FINALLY Get Passive Free Buyer Traffic, Daily


NB: I reckon know you know that ‘THE #1 Most Profitable Traffic Is Affiliate Traffic!





Thanks, Rob 

“Small Business Chronicles

P.S. Sorry if you hit this page the price may have increased again.

Chris could be charging $500 for the training… $2,000 for the software… and $10,000 for the traffic…

But right now, the price is more than reasonable.

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P.P.S. Does this actually work at “1/10,000 the usual cost and effort”?

Yes. In fact…

1/10,000 is an understatement. To do everything automated by this software would take you months, years…

Or, you’d just never do it… instead, you’ll just keep spinning your wheels, trying systems that don’t work.

That’s a shame because:

Selling your own software products… on proven sales websites… and getting buyer traffic… is THE #1 system to profit for 2022.

It’s just that people either give up or never try it.

So they keep on buying the latest shiny traffic bauble that doesn’t get them anywhere.

Sounds familiar? Don’t let that happen to you!

Click here to own Chris` $400k/year software-selling business… automatically… and finally get the buyer traffic you crave.


NB: The best type of traffic is… Affiliate traffic!