This Will Cost You Discipline and Action Time.

This Will Cost You Discipline and Action Time … and the outcome will be invaluable!! Try and see!

What do successful people do? … What habits do they have which makes them highly successful? How is their life different from us! How expensive is it to be successful? These are some common questions which often strike us, when we feel the strong urge to succeed!

Surprisingly – it costs nothing to develop habits which make you successful! Meditation is said to be the biggest reason of their success; it certainly relaxes and takes care of the mind. Successful people meditate regularly.

They are all early risers and this certainly attributes to their success. So, don’t sleep that extra minute if you are trying really hard to be successful! Know more about such successful habits!

Have you ever you wondered how certain people have gotten so successful? Sure you have. A great idea, motivation, persistence, and a little luck helps, but most successful people share certain habits. Here are nine habits that have helped place them on the top:


1. They meditate.

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, told The Huffington Post in 2013 that “Meditation, more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had.” Dalio, however, is not alone. Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, Russell Simmons, Arianna Huffington, Bill Ford and Padmasree Warrior have all attributed mediation as a huge component to their success.

Taking care of your body and mind by relaxing, exercising, healthy eating and getting enough sleep are all ways to improve your chances of success.

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2. They wake up early.

President Obama, Richard Branson, Jack Dorsey, Larry Schultz, Tim Cook and Xerox CEO Ursula Burns are known to be early risers. How has this attributed to their success? Because early risers are able to start their days ahead of everyone else by responding to others, exercising and finding some personal time, early risers also tend to be happier and are more proactive.
3. They network.

Successful people realize the importance of networking. In fact, research has found that networking can lead to people performing better at work and increases the chance of landing a job. Networking helps our successful people be more innovative. According to Dale Carnegie’s classic “How To Win Friends & influence People,” successful people rarely complain or criticize. They are sincere and try to be empathetic.
4. Keep themselves busy.   ….  Keep reading by clicking this link!

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