Check-up! How Are Your Goals! Resolutions! Visions! Outcomes! Improvements! Changes!

Time for a Check-up? How Are Your Goals! Resolutions! Visions! Outcomes! Changes!

Is Your Income On The Up as you Predicted?

We`re one third of the way through 2016. Time to review and reflect and adjust? Yes?

  • Did you know that eighty percent of resolutions made by an average person are broken within the first month of the new year? Well, making resolutions for your business for this year 2016 is a good idea, but then resolutions only work if you’re realistic and you know you can hit the mark.

You would still need to consider how you performed in 2015, what worked well for your company and what goals you want to accomplish.

NB: I`m repeating much of a previous article her but for good reason. For your business to grow and prosper  this year, your resolutions to do just that should serve as your motivation to make it happen. Yes?

Top advice for you! To give you some inspiration, here is a look at some resolutions that top companies are making and how they intend to accomplish them.


New year is always a great time to start something new. Strip down to the basics, declutter, and generally clarify your vision. Dan Vuksanovich, CMO of Gravity and Momentum, resolves to “keep it simple.”

When a company already has a quality product offering, it’s not always necessary to jump on the trendy bandwagon that everybody is taking the bait for.

His company wants to go “old-school” and keep it straightforward by starting with attending trade shows and industry meetings to putting their product directly in the hands of their clients.


Aim for Growth!

Technically, growth is something every business strives for all year round. Within this new year of 2016, you have just been given the opportunity to find new and innovative ways to grow your company and dispose what doesn’t benefit you.

Podcaster Meredith Eisenberg of Paycheck to Passion has resolutions with her partner, Jasper Blake, to help 365 businesses get their start., a DIY site for teens, resolves to get closer to its users, make more connections, and draw more repeat clients than in 2015. Jo Clarkson of The Alternative Board wants to make better network connections this year. She believes that networking should include helping each other out. She says, “As business owners, many of us spend more time building our network than using it to help each other out.”

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Give Back to People!

EJ Blooms’ Co-founder and CEO, Elisabeth Santana, wants to use her passion for floral design to give back to her Manhattan community. Her plans involve giving free floral design classes and make instructional videos to spread her knowledge while at the same time conduct training with people on the internet.

NB: Even if your business is primarily online, that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in the community or a charity foundation. An example of a win-win situation would be to connect to charity foundation or communities because not only is it good for the enterprising soul, but it also helps grow your business by expanding your customer outreach.

What’s another way to give back? ….. By cultivating your company’s culture. One example is giving your employees a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to be productive.

  • Some companies adopt dress-up days among other morale boosting incentives for their team every month.
  • Some conduct success parties or just plainly bring the whole team to a trip that would credit their job well done and at same time enhance the camaraderie.
  • This kind of giving back is reciprocal, which helps employees feel good and inspired about their work then results into them giving more back to the company.


Commit to Your Goals!  Don`t get distracted!

Set goals that allow you to leverage the things your company is already good at and take it to higher levels. Focus on improving employee performance in areas that might have been ignored last year. Make your list of resolutions available to everyone within the organization.

  • Commit to the betterment of the business for all. Asking for suggestions is also helpful because there are times that we tend to overlook some things.

It is also important to be open with your intentions for the new year. This is a way of holding yourself accountable. It is also important to let everyone know how new implementations or procedures will impact their roles. This gives your team the opportunity to climb on board, and no one is caught off guard.

  • Through this, your team will not lose their trust and reliance on you if they are assured that you are open to innovations and improvements.

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Take Action!

  • One other way is creating a detailed strategy that will allow you to stay on task.
  • Ask yourself what it will take to accomplish your goals and how you expect to obtain those objectives.
  • It’s also good idea to have a backup plan if things don’t go as expected at first. Some even have a Plan A, B, and C– you name it, no one will stop you. Besides, it is always better to be prepared than blindly attacking head-on.


Aspire for the Best

  • Aspire to make 2016 your best year yet. Set targets and do your best to reach them. If you like more revenues, do more of what can get you more sales. Should you want to be the best company for a certain niche, then go ahead and make that dream come true.

NB!!!  Always remember that the possibilities are endless so be sure to run hard through 2016 with a renewed view of how you conduct business.

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