Marketing skills are paramount to your success? You need more leads, more conversions, more sales… 


But … What`s profitable to work on?

What current technology can be implemented in the least possible Time?

Yes, it`s always about TIME!!!


So “what`s profitable to work” on that also solves the time issue?  

SBC have turned our energy to finding the best available technology.

We know that automation beats manual labour.

And automation is always a good investment.


How to Generate Leads and Revenue With An Automated Chatbot is the key to all those marketing dilemmas business people are faced with.   It is now front of the line and the most dynamic option for people who want to automate their marketing and save heaps of time!


‘BotBuilder is a Business Builder’       “BotBuilder”   ... Learn more, Click to watch a video!

We are convinced that “BotBuilder” is the very best, automated, time-saving technology on the market today!

>>> BotBuilder was built by CEO Matt Leitz and his highly talented team.

>> The BotBuilder motto is “We`ve got your back“.


CEO of ManyChat, Mike Y,  says of Matt Leitz …

“You are the freaking botmaster”!


🤖💰 How to Generate Leads and Revenue with an Automated Chatbot! 


BotBuilder technology uses multiple platforms, FaceBook, Messenger, Text, and Email, and Web!

Automated, done in one click … users of BotBuilder can work on Messenger marketing, Email marketing, Text marketing … Called Omni Marketing!


Does this fix your marketing problem?   

Is this the solution for you?

Is this what`s profitable to work on?


Watch the BotBuilder video here …

🤖💰 How to Generate Leads and Revenue with an Automated Chatbot! 


BotBuilder builds Businesses


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