?? Tiny Changes Can Help You Feel Super Good About Your Life!

People I know, friends, work colleagues and clients all want to feel as good as they can and as often as they can. Me too! I recently came across an article in BuzzFeed and I just wanted to share it with you.

‘There are 25 suggested Tiny Changes …’  Just Keep It Simple!

Our focus is ‘fun, feeling good and wellbeing’.

Why?  Well for me, there are 2 or 3 things, that I will follow up for myself. I will have a daily intention to get better at these few thing to help make me feel better about my life.  And I reckon you too may find things here too. And you might like to pass this article on to other people you know


Heres a taste of the article and theres a link below to read all of BuzzFeed`s article.

Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Communitywhat their tips are for living their best life. Here are some of the best answers:

1. Practice gratitude.
“Take the time to thank the people in your life who make it better. Do something for someone else. When you can help someone else with their problems, it helps you see your own problems in perspective. Live your best life by helping someone else live theirs!” –kellykumquat2

2. Eat colourfully!

 “I try to make each plate of food as colourful as I can get it. So basically different types of veg in different colours. Tonight I had a sweet potato and an omelette with tomato, zucchini, and red onion. It looks like fun to eat and it gives me a variety of vitamins and minerals. And it’s not even that hard!” –Laura

Here are some delicious rainbow recipes to try.

3. Make time for acquaintances, without having to go to too much effort.

“We all have those ‘almost-friends’ that we keep planning to get drinks with, but never do. Instead of making plans ahead of time, which can be a little much, I started just asking people to join me for my daily whatever. ‘Hey, I’m checking out that new bookstore today’ or a friendly, ‘What are you up to? I was about to take a walk downtown if you want to join!’ are super-easy ways to get more friend time. It’s easy for them to say no if they aren’t game, and most of the time they’re just as happy as you are to get out for a little bit. Life can get lonely, so building in these little mini-hangs has really helped me de-stress and reconnect with my pals.” –rox4ec5a8111

4. Try some small DIY projects in your spare time.

“There are thousands of Instagrams dedicated to easy DIYs, like this one. It feels good to put your phone down and make something. If it doesn’t work out perfectly, it’s okay! DIYs are cheap and you can try another one. I recently made a really cute jewelry box out of an old shoe box and it was so satisfying.” –s428cdb6f3

Check out BuzzFeed Nifty for more DIY ideas, like these bathroom organising tips.

5. Spend less time on social media

Here is the link to the whole article.  There`s 20 more ideas for you!

Thanks BuzzFeed.  Please read more articles on this site.  

Our focus is ‘fun, feeling good and wellbeing’.